Kumarn Tong Yern Mai Gae 5 Inches Carved Hand Inscribed Bucha Statue Luang Por Bpun

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Hand carved and inscribed Bucha size Kumarn Tong Wealth Bringing Protective Child Deva Ghost, carved as a 'Kumarn Yern' in standing Posture, without clothes. The statue was one of various Bucha statues made from sacred tree-woods, empowered and hand inscribed by Luang Por Bpun with Wicha Kumarn Tong for Maha Lap Maha Pokasap, and the Kata Akarn 32, and the invocations of the four elements for reanimation of Kumarn Tong Spirit within the statue.

The statue is hand inscribed with Khom Agkhara and Yantra inscriptions, and incantations, made from Sacred Wood of a Deva inhabited tree, from the Great Luang Phu Bpun Tammabalo of Wat Ban Sangkh in Roi Et. This Bucha item is intended for altar worship or for placement in the office , home or business in a shrine. The statue measures 6 Inches High x 1.5 x 1.5 Inches Base.

Released in the 'Khlang Raeng Dee' edition to revere and continue the magical lineage of the Kroo Ba Ajarn Great Forest Masters of the Dhammayut Tradition through which Luang Phu Bpun received his Magical Wicha and Trajectory.

The Kumarn Tong can be used as a single Bucha item on the altar for prayer and protective magic within the household, and to attract prosperity and auspicious blessings, and happy household. Kumarn Tong should not be placed on same altar or at same height as Buddha statues.

Luang Phu Bpun has given special Kata for his amulets which can be used for all items released in this edition, which can be found below as a youtube chanting tutorial, and is included for download after purchase within the files tab of your account.

Heart Mantras of Nippanasut

Sa A Ni So (call Kumarn to come to you)

So Sa A Ni (awaken Kumarn and empower to send on missions)

Ni So Sa A (use Kumarn to ward away spirits and ghosts)

A Ni So Sa (use to make the Kumarn stay in one place)

More Kata for Chanting to Kumarn Tong

Below; one of the other carved Animist statues in this Khlang Raeng Dee Edition; Suea Maha Amnaj

The Kumarn Tong will prevent wealth loss, as well as attracting prosperity, and bring happiness to the household. Empowered with the powers and qualities of Wicha Maha Lap, m Duang, Siang Choke, and Gae Aathan, to bring success in one's endeavors, Lucky Fortunes and Lottery Wins, and with the protective Klaew Klaad Magic of the Kumarn Tong, and Wealth attracting Maha Lap and Mercy Charm spells, will also protect from dangers and black magic, prevent wealth loss, increase prosperity and popularity.

Read Full Article about the History of, and Tutorial for Bucha to the Kumarn Tong

Luang Por Bpun Tammabalo

A Master of Wicha Akom, he received many Wicha from his Dhammayut Masters. He is a living inheritor of various Wicha of Great masters, including Luang Phu Man Puratto, Ajarn Fan Ajaro, Luang Phu Tet, Luang Phu Phang, Luang Phu Hwaen of Wat Doi Mae Pang, Luang Phu Si, Luang Phu Dun, and Luang Phu Khaw of Wat Tham Glong Plae.

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