Lek Lai Related

Lek Lai, Kaya Siddhi Elements, Sacred Relics and other Magical substances and ingredients, for use as amulets or alchemical practices.

Please Note, some people approach the worship of Lek Lai with False Views and Expectations, and for this reason, we recommend viewing the above documentary 'Power of Lek Lai' Narrated by Thailand Amulets Mentor and Curator Ajarn Spencer Littlewood, for a higher understanding of the need to have Faith without Need of Testing. The Power of Magic has a Rule that Forbids the Testing of Amulets and Their Powers, which are Said to Be Best Retained Within the Amulet, in wait for the day you will need it to save your life or help you in any manner. Many cases of Life Saving Events have resulted in the amulet breaking but the person survives. Ajarn Spencer himself has often pondered upon amulets which have broken for no aparrent reason, and thought that these were the events where his life has been saved on multiple occasions by those amulets. He once used an amulet (Pra Somdej Pae Pan) to try to make Prayer Water with Yant Grao Paetch at the Temple of Wat Bang nom Kho as he was residing there to practice with the monks, and the dog indeed did improve, but the amulet broke in half from the making of the prayer water. One Samanera said he should not interfere with the Karma of the dog, because he was said to have once been a temple thief, who was reborn with his skin diseases amd wounds as his Karma, to be a temple dog for his sins. Ajarn Spencer replied, that perhaps the arising of Compassion in the Heart of a passerby (such as Ajarn Spencer Himself), might mean that the dog had exhausted all the Bad Karma, and that now it was time to be Freed? The Samanera was Unable to Answer inm Contrary, and Admitted that this coiuld indeed be True, and that Ajarn Spencer Was Right in Assuming that it is Proper as Lay Buddhist and as a Monk, to show compassion to all Living Beings. Ajarn Spencer had also commented to strengthen his point, that the temple was offering herbal oil massage to heal bones and healing of cancer to humans, and that is that not also their Karma? and if so, then should they also not be left alone, to endure their Karmic residue just like the dog?

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