Locket Er Ger Fong (Por Phu Yee Gor Hong) Gamblers special - Pim Tao Ruean Maha Sethee (Millionaire Turtle) Takrut Nak Siang Choke (Gambler Takrut) Ud Look Tao (dice) - Ajarn Meng Khun Phaen 2554 BE

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Locket Por Phu Yee Gor Hong (Er Gter Fong) Pim Tao Ruean Maha Sethee, Ud Look Tao, Fang Takrut Hua Jai Nak Siang Choke. 500 Lockets made in limited edition.

Those who have tried to find the famous 'Kote Heng' edition of Er Ger Fong Lockets from Ajarn meng, will know that they have become comletely impossible to obtain anymore. For this reason, Ajarn Meng has had the Metta to make one more edition of the extremely successful Gambler special amulet which has brought so much luck and winning streaks to its Devotees and followers. This time, he has infused the magic of the Lucky Millionaire Turtle by shaping the locket into a Sacred Yant Tao Ruean, with the image of Por Phu Yee Gor Hong emblazoned on an Ace of Spades. The rear face has an enchanted Dice for turning the odds your way, which is accompanied by a silver Takrut spell insert empowered with the 'Gambler's Heart Spell'. Both of these are stuffed into a generous helping of sacred Muan sarn powders of the Maha Lap (Fortune and Riches), and Siang Choke (Gambling Luck) variety. Each amulet has recieved an individually stamped code number. This is the first time ever that such an amulet in the form of the Tak Ruan Turtle with Yee Gor Hong was ever made, making this a 'Per Dtamra' type amulet (opening of a new legend of a new Wicha).

How to Bucha Por Phu Yee Gor Hong (Er Ger Fong)

Light Nine sticks (9) of Incense, flower garlands (Puang Maalay made from yellow chrysanthemums), Black Coffee (no Sugar) or 'O Yua' (a kind of dark hot drink), and tea.

You can give offerings every day if you wish to, or once a week if this is not feasible.If you find yourself receiving winning streaks and success in your undertakings, you must give alms to the bowls of Buddhist Monks and offer to share the fruits of those merits with Por Phu Yee Gor Hong and results should improve even more than before.


If and when you go Gambling, once you have gained a decent winning, do not become too greedy and try to get more than is really normal to wish for. Do not become over greedy, as Ye Gor Hong does not Like Greedy people, and will make you Lose what you won again. Always share some of the winnings to make merit for Por Phu Yee Gor Hong.

Kata Bucha Por Phu Yee Gor Hong (Ajarn Meng Khun Phaen)

Odtabpawaena Kaayaka Bpen Dtuki Ong Phuu Saasa Uyae Ayae

Chant Nine Times

Kata Bucha Por Phu Yee Gor Hong

Na Mor Dtai Sir Dtai Bpuy Liang Miang Jeng Sae Yee Gor Hong
Chai Sing Yee Gor Hong Por Sak Sir Uwa Gim Ngerng Sai Bpor
Bpor Jang Chai Kho Sir Gao Uwa Gae Lai Gao Uwa Gae Lai
Erg Jidt Khor Wing Worn Namo Mahaa Maedtaa Garunaa Choke Laap Wasanaa Baramee Por Phu Yee Gor Hong

(Make Your wish for riches and luck).

นำ มอ ไต่ ซื้อ ไต่ ปุย เลี้ยง เมี่ยง เจ่ง แซ ยี่ กอ ฮง ใช้ ซิ้ง ยี่ กอ ฮง ผ่อ สัก สื่อ อั้ว กิม งึ้ง ใช้ ป้อ ป้อ จั๋ง ใช้ โข่ว สื่อ เก่า อั้ว แก ไล้ เก่า อั้ว แก ไหล เอกจิตขอวิงวอน นะโม มหาเมตตา กรุณา โชคลาภวาสนาบารมีพ่อปู่ยี่กอฮง

It can be considered the first time in History that this particular form of Yee Gor Hong amulet has been fashioned, increasing the luck and fortune with the immense Metta mahaniyom power emanating from the Paya Tao Ruean turtle, which is indeed both a previous Incarnation (Manifestation) of the Lord Buddha, and of Pra Narai (Vishnu Narayan). Por Phu Yee Gor Hong + Paya Tao Ruean = Luck multiplied by Luck. Many Kayasiddhi elements were ground into the Muan sarn (sacred powders), as well as many magical charm woods such as Ga Fak and Dork Tong and even the ultra rare Ga Fak Koon (crow brings multiplication tree).

Ajarn Meng performed the empowerment and Incantations dueing the astrological period of Jai Rote which is the essential time for empowering amulets with Gamblers Luck.

He then gave the amulets one final empowerment on the 31 December 2554 BE (New Years Eve), and ceasing to perform the empowerment on the 1st of january 2555, in order to transfer luck year by year without interruption.

Can be encased in waterproof casing if wished

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