Locket In Bia Ongk Kroo in Nam Man Prai Oil with Ban Neng bone carving, 2 Takrut, Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed Powderflask, and Elephant Oil - AC Apichai Decha

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In Bia (In Koo entwined in the act of sexual relations) - special Ongk Kroo Locket from Ajarn Apichai Decha, a beautifully designed front face enamelled locket is filled with Maha Sanaeh Powders, immersed in Civet Oil, with two flasks of special Chang Pasom Khloeng Mating Elephant Prai Oil + Prai Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed powders from the Khmer Sorcery Tradition (from the Khmer side of the border), collected from his Kroo Ba Ajarn.

This amulet is a Powerful Attractor of the Opposite or Same Sex depending on your wishes, as good for gays as is for Straights, or Bisexuals, male or Female. Good for Business improvement too, Gamblers will also be well served with this Hermaphroditic Prai Deva.


The lockets are extra highly powered with Necromantic Wicha Bpatamang Lokee, Wicha Kama Sutra and the Wicha Maha Sanaeh Khmer used by Ajarn Apichai.  The Invocations of the Kata Pluk Taat See (Invocation of the 4 Elements), Kata Hnun Taat See (turning of the 4 Elements), and the Kata Akarn Sam Sip Sorng (32 components of a physical living being), and the Nibbana Sutta and the application of the 'Wicha Dhamma Dhatu' were performed to invoke the In Koo Yab-Yum Kama Sutra Devas.

rear face with Ban Neng 2 Takrut and prai powder and oil flasks

The rear face of the amulet has a piece of Ban Neng Bone Carving for Hoeng Prai Ghost magic and Prai Grasip Choke (Gambling Ghost whispering lucky streaks).  Two Takrut with the Heart Mantras of the In Koo Devas for Maha Sanaeh Power are inserted, a flask of Pong Sanaeh Ya Faed Powders, and a flask of Nam Man Prai Chang Pasom Khloeng.

The Magical Properties and attributes of the In Koo;

  • Maha Laluay – powerful charm and attraction magic causes those nearby to applaud, admire and feel friendliness towards the wearer of the In Ko
  • Maha Sanaeh – powerful enchantment magic causes those who are targeted to fall helplessly in love with the wearer of the In Koo.
  • Kong Grapan – protective magic prevents ballistic weapons and sharp objects from piercing or penetrating the skin.
  • Gan Kun Sai – protects against black magic and evil spirits, defends against Hun Payont, magic spells and the like.
  • Metta Mahaniyom – Discussions, Debates and Business talks or Diplomacy matters will be discussed easily and you will be able to get your point across and be convincing.
  • Kata In Koo (Perm Sap/Increase Wealth)

    Om Raachaa Taewaa Swaahome Om Taewee Maama Jidt-Dtang Arahang Swaahome

    Kata for the In Koo of Kroo Ba Nandta

    Om Laluay Maha Laluay Nguay Ngong Jong Jai Rak Goo Hmuean Dang Chang Rak Ngaa Hmuean Pla Rak Nam Hmuean Khaw Orn Hai Hmuean Fai Orn Maw – then say; “Ai + Name of person you wish to charm(Ai for Man or Ee for a woman) – Rak Goo Yaa La Om Sitti Swaaha Swaahome Na Ma Pa Ta

    Chant the above Kata 3, 5, 7 or 9 times, and then blow on the In Koo amulet

    Kata for using with In Ma, In Koo, and In Rak

    Na Rampeung Mo Kid Terng Put Norn Midtem Dtaa Taa Rong Hai Turon Turay Ya Hai Ma Haa Goo Putto Laluay Tammo Laluay Sangko Laluay Jid-ti Nimid-ti Aehi Jidtang Biyang Ma Ma

Additional Info

If the In Koo is kept in the House, then all the family and people in the household will love each other and be happy together. If it is worn as a love charm or carried on ones person, then it will cause everyone the wearer meets to feel friendly and compassionate towards them, and even make others fall in love with the wearer if Bucha is made to the In Koo, and this request is asked for in exchange for Bucha.

The In Koo (also known in South East Asia as ‘Yin Tong’) is a symbiotic Deity in the form of a Man and a Woman embracing each other. It is a magical animist effigy which ancient people believed represents the first ever pair of Man and Woman (male and female) in the History of the World, and is a symbol of Love between a man and woman, or indeed between any two souls of the same or different sexes.

Thailand Amulets

Popular with Ladies and Gay persons (both Male or female) as an attraction charm and Aphrodisiac for Kama Sutra Sex Magic to bind their Love affairs, also popular for lottery players, or those who are in the sales department of their professions. The ladies of the night also enjoy the magical attraction powers of the In Koo ad use it to attract and addict their clients into becoming regular visitors, and bringers of great gifts and treasures.

Ajarn Apichai, although now extremely popular, and having to produce more amulets than ever before, remains Humble and true to his frugal way of Life, and likes to use the Motto; "If i don't have any powers, no benefits will arise from the amulets, but if i do, then you will notice a difference yourself - the knowledge and proof of Magic comes as 'Bajjatang' (self intuited, self initiated, and known only be oneself from within, not by faith in the words of others)".

Rear face In Koo Locket

By this, he means of course, that you should not simply believe, but should notice for yourself if you get any imnproved results from using his amulets. In truth, one should notice definite results with amulets, if not, either they have no power, or, you are not performing properly with the amulet. Or even both reasons, as even a fake amulet can cause a Miracle if the Faith of the Devotee is strong enough in the image, but improper Bucha or attitude towards amulets is always a cause of no power, be the amulet a real, or a fake.

Buddha Images for example, are not always Blessed, as in some countries the Buddhists do not perform Ritual Magic to Empower Images, simply, worship them for their symbolic traits, and attain Miraculous experiences despite the fact of the Image not being empowered. The word 'Fake' is this not used to refer to 'Non-Blessed' Items, rather, to refer to Images that are deliberately made to imitate rare and expensive famous editions of Masrterpiece Amulets. No Buddha Image can be fake, but can be a reproduction image, which is still because of the Nature of the Image, sacred.

Ajarn Apichai lays down the rule though, that if you do not believe in the Lineage of the Kroo ba Ajarn of Phu Rasi Paetcharat, at least you should never disdain or speak badly of the Lineage, for this would bring great misfortune. He also gives this teaching to all those who Bucha his amulets;

"If there are no Maras, our Merits cannot become Manifest, for our Merits to be revealed, we need the Maras to come and test us (our patience, tolerance, metta..). Real magic, that was made properly must be noticeably real from the results which arise, and will be seen by the Seeker, for His or Her self. Truth is a personal experience, which can only be known through your own mind and experience".

"This will be the method of measurement of the power of my amulets, and the outcome of your resistance to temptations of the Maras, will be part of the cause of that power, which comes not only from the past and the Lineage of the Kroo ba Ajarn, but also continues into the present through the streamflow of Lineage magic, which is transmitted, empowered to and emanated through you, the devotee. How well you practice, will affect how well your amulets are able to provide Miraculous Assistance".

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