Locket Jumbo 5 x 4 Cm - Mang Mee Sri Sukh (Pim Roop Khai Dtem Ongk) - 56 Takrut Pra Puttakun Spell Inserts + Pra Sivali - 2555 BE Masterpiece Amulet - Luang Por Jerd Nimmalo

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Thai Buddhist Monk Locket for Success, Lucky Fortune, Popularity, Preferential Treatment, Protection and Status.

This 'Ongk Kroo' Pim B Masterpiece Jumbo Size 'Roop Khai' Locket with 56 Takrut Pra Puttakun, is a Masterpiece Model of this Premiere Edition Series Amulets from Luang Por Jerd Nimmalo of the Suan Badibat Tam Po Sethee Temple in Nakorn Pathom. This series of Amulets is set to Mark a Milestone both in Luang Por Jerd's Trajectory of Amulet making, as well as in the Annals of Amulet Making History as a 'First Ever'. This edition is likely to influence the Design of Future Editions of Amulets on a National Scale, but will be difficult for many temples to Emulate, due to the lack of necessary Factors and faculties to Produce an amulet of this Calibre and also embed an authentically Powerful Wicha within them.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Luang Por Jerd is one of the present day Arya Sangha in Thailand known for his Great Metta, and fast Mental Focus and Memory, his Diligent Practice of Purity. Through his practice however, a Great deal of Wicha Akom (Sorcery and Magic Power) has Arisen within Luang Por's Mind, and his Psychic Powers are seen to be Very Powerful as is expected from a Truly Diligent Practitioner. His Grace and Poise is Maintained constantly, a Fine Example to others in Behavior which is only Possible with a Monk or Master of True Long Term Aplied Diligent Practice.Luang Por Jerd is the First Apprentice (Looksit Aek) of Luang Por Noi of Wat Sri Sa Tong, and also of Luang Por Noi of Wat Dhamma Sala, both of whom Taught their Powerful Wicha Akom to Luang Por.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The power of Luang Por Jerd's Lockets has already become apparent from previous Editions. Everybody who revered the Lockets seemed to have Luck, Success and Money Coming in. Many people got Promotions and Increased Status, Many recieved Lottery Winnings. Others got the Business Success they had always tried so hard for, but had met with too many obstacles till now. As for those who were suffering 'Duang Dtok' (Fallen Line of Fate and Karma) and having Bad Luck, the Lockets helped to smooth the way and plull them out of the Bad Times. Those who already had good Luck and Prosperity, got even more Prosperous and Successful, their Businesses and Projects Blooming and Booming.

This Year (2012) of 2555 BE however, Luang Por has released the 'Duang Sethee Mang Mee Sri Sukh' (Fate of the Millionaire) Premiere Edition, as an Extra Special never Before made edition of Jumbo Lockets, filled to the Brim with Puttakun Tammakun and Sangkakun Power, and of a beauty and Memorability that is sure to become Historical. These Lockets are made to leave nothing to be desired, and to bring the Highest Blessings of Lucky Fortunes, Safe Passage, and Prosperous Development, and Safety from danger. The Lockets are Empowered to Remove all Obstacles from Your Path, and clear the Way for Success and Prosperity. The Lockets require that the Wearer has 'Sammaa Aacheep' (Correct Profession) to Work - 'Correct Profession' means 'Not a Profession that Breaks the basic Precepts of Moral Conduct'.

Size; 5 Centimeters High x 4 Centimeters Wide

Never Before have such Beautiful and Exotically Powerful Lockets been made by Luang Por, making this Edition the most Impressive and Attractive we have ever seen. There were two models (Pim) of Locket issued in this edition; 'Roop Khai Dtem Ongk' (Oval with full Monk Image), and 'Kreung Ongk Song Tan Badt' (Oval Square with Half Torso Cameo). Each of the two Pim were issued in two versions too, either with 108 Silver Takrut Pra Radtana Dtrai (Triple Gem Takrut Spells) inserted, or with 56 Silver Takrut Pra Puttakun (Buddha Magic) inserted.

These Lockets have been made using the Richest and Most Sacred Holy Muan Sarn Ingredients, and filled with the Utmost Power with 56 Silver Takrut Spells each individually Inscribed and Empowered by Luang Por, and inserted with Incantations into the Muan Sarn Sacred Powder base of the rear face of the Lockets. One Pra Sivali Loi Ongk Statuette Individually Empowered is inserted into the Locket. Enchanted Beads of Chanuan Saksit (Metal Alloy Smelted from Sacred Artifacts, Yantra Foils and Ancient Holy Relics) are also inserted. Apart from the Mass of Takrut Spells and the Arahant Sivali, the Lockets Posses a Large Dose of Luang Por Jerds Master Wicha of the Treasure Bee.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

List of Sacred Muan Sarn

Pra Sivali Maha Lap Loi Ongk Statuette. Pra Sivali Thaera Jao is an Arahant who posesses great maha Lap (Lucky Fortunes) and Sakkara (Recieve Honor and respect, reverence). Pra Sivali Emits these qualities with Metta, as an Aura which coccoons the wearer of the amulet with an Attractive Force that Induces Metta and Attracts People's desire to help, buy Your wares, and choose You above others.

Pong Rang Dtor Aathan (Enchanted Bees Nest Powder) - Pong Rang Dtor has the Powers of 'Siang Duang' (Games of Risk and Speculative Enterprises), Choke Lap, Kaa Khaay and Metta Mahaniyom.

Chanuan Saksit (Piece of Sacred Metal from Sacred Ancient Artifacts and Yantra Foils). Sacred Chanuan has the Powers of Klaew Klaad (Evade Deadly Accidents and Events), Dtuean Pay (Forewarn of Danger), Gae Aathan Khunsai (Anti Black Magic).

Sen Gesaa (strands of hair from Luang Por Jerd). Luang Por shjaves his head every full moon, strands from this hair is inserted into the Muan sarn. When he cuts his hair he takes a white cloth for them to fall on and keeps it all inside a ceramic pot (called a 'phorb'). The hair of a High Monk is considered to come from the Highest part of his Body, and is seen to be very sacred when coming form a Monk of Diligence and Purity as is Luang Por Jerd.

Khaw Sarn Sek (Enchanted Rice Grains). Rice from the almsbowl of a monk or rice that was donated to the Monks is considered Sacred, and also a Magical Cause of Prosperity. sacred Rice Grains with Incantations have been inserted into the Muan Sarn of the Amulet.

108 Takrut Pra Radtana Dtrai (Triple Gem Takrut) in the Ongk Kroo Pim A Versions,

56 Takrut Pra Puttakun (Buddha Magic) in the Ongk Kroo Pim B versions.

Luang Por says that the Triple Gem is the most potent Empowerment he could give, Adamantine, Impernetrable and Full of Merit and Metta. he says that there is no amulet that can overcome this one, for its complete and extensive formulas of empowerment and the choice of the powerful Buddhist Blessings, whose purity can not be beaten by any simple Occult or Black Magic Charm, nor can it be Conquered by any Demon or Spirit Entities.

Comes with Original Felt Lined Box from the Temple. Can be Encased if Desired.

Read Documentation and see all Amulets in this Edition;

'Serb San Dtamnan Luang Por Noi' edition amulets 2555 BE - Luang Por Jerd - Suan Badibat Tam Po Sethee

Released in 2555 Be in a Large and Very Special edition of some of the Finest Amulets and Bucha Statues to Grace Our Store. The edition included lockets, Pra Pid Ta amulets, and Wua Tanu/Kwai Tanu Amulets, Taw Waes Suwan Ritual Daggers and Statuettes, and Wua/Kwai Tanu Bucha Statues.

In addition some special treasure Bee amulets given out only to those at the empowerment ceremony.

The purpose of this Edition was to raise funds for the building of a 'Taewa sathaan' (Deity Shrine) with a large statue of pra Pikanes (Ganesha) sitting on a pair of Gold and a Silver treasure Bees as his Throne.

The edition included 2 Models of Lockets with Pra Sivali Statuette, Gemstones and 108 Takrut Pra Radtana Dtrai, or 56 Takrut Pra Puttakun Spell Inserts. Two different Models (Jumbo and Plod Nee) of Pra Pid Ta Powder amulets were issued, also with either 108 or 56 Takrut and a Treasure Bee in the back face.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Some Ritual Dagger Sceptres with Two faced Taw Waes Suwan Asura Deva handles (Excellent for making Holy Water for Blessings and Banishings), and of course these Wua Tanu Bucha statues, and small portable Loi Ongk Wua and Kwai Tanu Amulets were also made.

Luang Por Jerd has applied the Powerful and Authentic Wicha of his Mentor, Luang Por Noi of Wat Sri Sa Tong, to empower and bless this editon of amulets and Bucha statues which we find to be of the Highest Quality and has had Authentic Empowerment of the kind that is not to be found everywhere, and hardly to be found anywhere.

For Bucha, Use Buddhist Prayers to Increase Power, with any or all of the below Kata

All Kata for Amulets should begin with chanting of the Maha Namasakara (Namo Tassa) 3 times first, before beginning any other Incantations.

Maha Namasakara - How to Chant Namo Tassa

Psalm to the triple Gem Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang

Pratītyasamutpāda – Chant of Dependent Origination

Chinabanchara Kata (Chinabanchorn) of Somdej Dto Prohmrangsri (Wat Rakang Kositaram)

Kata Pra Putta Jao Haa Pra Ongk (Na Mo Put Taa Ya)

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