Locket Pra Putta Chinarat with 3 Takrut (sam kasat), Nakprok and Civara Robe - Luang Phu Doo Wat Sakae 2498 BE

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Extremely rare Chinarat Buddha Locket with Civara Robe and Takrut spells and Nakprok Buddha from Thailands Great Arahant, Luang Phu Doo, of Wat Sakae. Luang Phu Doo is one of Thailands Greatest and Purest renunciant Monks, on a par with the great Luang Phu Mun Puratto for his natural display of disattachment and being a Noble Person.

HIs amulets are both few and rare to find, and are classed in the Pra Niyom category of preferred choice collector amulets. The miracle power of Luang Phu Doo goes unquestioned, and his teachings are of the greatest we know in the present day. This amulet was released in 2498 BE, making it over a half a Century old.

A true classic, from a truly great Master, and an amulet so rare that you will have little chance of seeing it elsewhere.

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