Locket Singh Bon Yuea (lion catching its prey) 2538 BE Luang Por Mee, Wat Mara Wichai (Oval version)

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This monk locket is called 'Singh Bon Yuea' (lion catching its prey) 2538 BE Luang Por Mee, Wat Mara Wichai,Ayuttaya. Luang Por Mee used the Rerks Rahu (Astrological alignments of the Solar eclise of 2538 and the planetary alignments of Rahu eclipsing the Sun) for the empowerment of these Lockets. Rahu image is stamped into the rear face in a reverse embossment.

The front side has an image of LP Mee and various sacred yant designs for protection and charm, and the rear side has sacred powder which is mixed with old somdej 2507 LP mee first edition amulets which were crushed up into powder and mixed in the Muan Sarn. Pong Sangkati Gao (powdered monk robes) was also added along with a silver Tagrud Sariga Lin Tong for Metta Maha Sanaeh power.

2000 examples of these lockets were made - also available in square shape -ts small/medium size makes it suitable for men women or even children to wear

comes encased in waterproof casing included in price

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