Lockets are considered an excellent source of faith and inspiration in Buddhist practice, if you choose the Monk or Master or Deity who inspires you for their example of good practitioners. Lockets are said to have Miracle power of protection and bring great fortune and wealth, as well as increasing your likeability and popularity with Metta Mahaniyom. Lockets are usually filled with sacred powders and various 'Prataat' (relics), as well as a vast range of precious and semi precious substances. The combination of Sacred object of Faith (image of the Guru or Deity), and powerful magic sacred powders and spells in the rear faces of these Lockets, create an amazing double-act to improve your life and protect you. In the case of Deity and Animist, Necromantic or Prai Deva Lockets, the Sacred and Magical herbal and sorcerous ingredients also serve a scientific, pheromonic and magical purpose, increasing the power of an amulet invoked with the spirit of a Deva Mind.

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