Look Krok Dta Tip Bpraab Sian Divine Eyed Gambling Ghost Child Spirit - Ajarn Waet Surint

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The Look Krok Ta Tip Look Mae Doy Lam Doy Ding Child Ghost has a nature that is inclined to warn you of upcoming dangers, or lucky streaks gambling windfalls, and increase business prosperity. The Look Krok is bound and wrapped using Necromantic Sorcery with the aid of the 'Daay Joong Phii' magical threads, empowered to enchant local ghosts of the gambling dens. The Look Krok itself is made from immensely concentrated Necromantic and Sorcerous Muan Sarn Sacred Bone Powders, Magical Herbs and Funereal Earths and Ashes, mixed with powerful Nam Man Prai Oils.

Daay Joong Phii are the threads used to bind the hands of the dead in a funeral, and the thread is cut at the end before the corpse is placed on the funeral pyre, to cut the connection with the past, and move on to the next incarnation. This is a Khmer Wicha directly targeting the Ghosts Ruling over the Gambling Tables, to enchant them into throwing Lady Luck in your Corner of the Game.

The Look Krok is made from extremely powerful, rich and coarse mixture of Prai Powders, and was empowered immersed in 'Nam Man Prai Phii Dtaay Tang Glom', a powerful Khmer Prai Oil which only Lay Masters can make, and are the only ones able to make i possible for Monks to make this kind of amulet, by performing the making of the oil themself and then donating it to the Monk to use in his empowerments and blessings.

The Look Krok is composed of Pra Powders and Plai Dam, Pong Thai Phii Prai Sian Panan (Prai Powders of the ashes of a Gambling Genius), Pong Maha Sanaeh, Pong Phii Prai dek Jom Nam Dtaay, Pong Prai Phii Khamote Maya (powder from ashes of 9 illusion conjuring ghosts),Pong Thao Graduk prai Phii Dtaay Hoeng (Prai powder from the bone ahses of a ghost who died quickly and violently), Nam Man Prai Phii Dtaay Tang Glom (Prai Oil from a Corpse with Kumarn), Nam Man Sanaeh jantr (powerful herbal attraction charm oil), Pong Look Krok (powder of a Look Krok in small pieces crumbled into the Muan Sarn paste).

Pra Ajarn Waet is a Khmer Wicha Master who is Adept at both the White and Black Magical Arts, and the Say Sung Say Lang (above and below paths) of Magic. He bestows all kinds of Magical Blessings on his Looksit be it Maha Sanaeh or Kong Grapan, he has Mastered them all.

Size; 4 Cm High x 2 Cm wide x 1 Cm deep

His Looksit call him 'The Sorceror' (Jom Khamang Waet). Ajarn Waet is a born Local of the Surin Province, famous for the most powerful Black and White magic of the Khmer Wicha Saiyasart. he studied the Occult since his time as a Samanera Novice Monk at wat Klang. his Teacher was a Master of the Surin Magical tradition called Luang Por Hom, who had inherited the secret Wicha from Luang Por Rim Radtana Muni.

He spent 5 Years studying under this master and then travelled into Kampuchea on Tudon and wandered around meeting many Khmer Masters who taught him their various Wicha, such as how to make Love Charms and Potions, how to make Nam Man Prai, how to make Prai Powders and how to call Deities and Devas. How to make harmful spells such as the 'Sek Hnang Kway' 'Buffalo Skin' spell, and how to make Look Krok Powders and Gambling amulets.

He has mastered the Wicha Tam Banlu, Wicha Tam Gao Gote and many others from the Masters he studied under after this, and is now one of the most powerful masters of Surin, fast becoming Legendary for the power of his Wicha and amulets.

Kata Bucha Look Krok Ta Tip

Uyae Tippa Yaedtang Palang Sadting Waaha (9 Times)

Offer sweet drinks and snacks, and trinkets, toys.

Ajarn Waet Surint - A True Sorceror of Surin, with Real Khmer Magic

Above; Ajarn Waet empowers the Look Krok, Takrut, Prai Oils, and Balms in tne Darkness of Night within the Cemetery.

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