Look Krok Jao Sanaeh Sorng Hua 'Ongk Kroo' Large Masterpiece 2 Headed Kumarn in Prai Oil - 2 Headed Stillborn Hoeng Prai Ghost - Ajarn Apichai Decha

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The Look Krok Jao Sanaeh targets its Powers towards the Invocation of 'Maha Choke' (Immense Luck), and 'Maha Lap (Great Fortunes). Its ability to induce 'Metta Mahaniyom (Likeability and Recieve Mercy) is especially powerful in convincing the Ruling Devas of the Gamblers Dens, and those who Inhabit the dens of Iniquity and Flirtations. Being also empowered with Prai Grasip Choke Ghost Whisperer, doubled by the two skulls of the Look Krok 'Siamese Twin'. This is a Wicha which focuses on Look Krok as a sub category of Kumarn Tong Necromancy.

The Look Krok is Empowered with the Inherent Supernatural 'Maha Sanaeh' (Immense Charm and Likeability) Power, which lends its Name to this Amulet from Ajarn Apichai, the Elusive and Simple Living Master of Khmer Necromantic Sorcery.

Look Krok Kuman Tong

The Amulet helps to Improve the Charming Power, Lucky Streaks,Professional Status, Increase Earnings, Love and Passionate affairs, and help to fulfill all of your Deepest Wishes. For those involved in Commerce, Sales Increase on a rising Graph Line is also one of the effects induced by the Look Krok and other Kumarn Tong type Necromantic Amulets.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Ajarn Apichai has Performed Final Empowerment with Hand Inscription of Yantra and Spells on the face of the Amulet.

Yantra Inscription on rear face of Kumarn Tong Look Krok

The two headed Look Krok is doubly empowered to imbibe wealth treasures and blessings in towards you, just as a baby in the womb suckles from the umbilical cord, sucking in a constant flow of sustenance, effortlessly recieved and partaken of.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Size; 7 Centimeters High x 4.5 Centimeters Wide

The Look Krok Jao Sanaeh is Psychically working from the Spirit World and sending its influence into the World of the Living. It uses its Immense Prai Hian Power to Convince the Influencing Elementals of the Spirit World to Turn the Underlying Causal Factors in One's Favor, and Create the Necessary Underlying Causes for the Events You Hope and Wish for to Occur.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

The Rear Face of the Spell is sealed using Corpse Cloth, with hand Inscription of Sacred Na Spell.

Good for Business, Gambling, Lottery, Wealth and treasure Improvement, Mercy. Love Affairs are Initiated or Improved or Sealed with Ease, Superiors at Work will Look with Friendliness, helpfulness and Mercy Upon You. Charming Others into Seeing things Your Way Becomes Increasingly Possible.

The Look Krok is Immersed in a Powerful Khmer Necromantic Prai Oil Potion. The Potion was Boiled and Empowered with Prai Oils in a Sacred Cauldron with Yantra and Spell Inscriptions, and the Kumarn Look Krok was Boiled in the Oils, and then encased in the Oils with Flower strewn petals. The Look Krok Lies on a Bed of Yantra Clot with Khmer Spells and Yantra Inscriptions.

Bucha Methods (Ajarn Apichai Technique)

Light One Stick of Incense a day for the Kumarn brings Great Blessing.

Light Nine Sticks of Incense when Asking for Luck or Increasing Your Fortunes.

Ligh 12 Sticks of Incense when Asking for Help to Solve Problems and Remove Obstacles.

Kata Kumarn/Look Krok Jao Sanaeh

Kata to Call the Look Krok to Come to You.

Om Jidt-Dta Prai Kumarn (Say his Name) Jong Maa Aakajchaaya Aakajchaahi

Kata Adtithaan Khor Lap

(Use to make wishes and ask for Lucky Blessings, or to win the Hearts of Others).

Aehi Jidt-Dtang Jidt-Dta Pantang Pakinimae Jidt-Dtang Pantang Bpiyang Ma Ma

(hold the amulet between palms and in praying position between the eyebrows, chant three times and blow onto the amulet, making your wish).

How to bring the Kumarn Tong into House and how to Worship

Kata for dedicating Merit and Sending or Sharing Metta to and with Other Beings

Before Chanting Kata and Bucha offerings to Kumarn Tong, you should always chant the Maha Namasakara (Namo tassa) to Lord Buddha before any amulet chanting

How to Chant Namo Tassa and Refuge in the Triple Gem

Psalm to the triple Gem

Kata Bucha Kumarn Tong

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