Look Krok Noi Maha Lap 7 Cm x 4 Cm Embyonic Bucha Statue 2555 BE Kumarn Tong Look Krok Bone Powders Astral Phantom Takrut Ruesi Waet

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Now an extreme rarity of the Necromantic Genre from the year 2555 BEhigh necromancy was in great popularity, and before its supression by the society, the Look Krok Noi Haha Lap - Pure Prai Kumarn Bone Powders, Cemetery earths, Funeral Ashes and Prai Herbal Maha Sanaeh Powders, with Takrut Hua Jai Jetaphuudt (Hoeng Prai Astral Phantom spell) Inserted within the interior, by Ajarn Waes (Ruesi Waes). This effigy contains truly Powerful Sorcery for Gambling and Power Selling, lottery, Convincing Business Talks, and protection against Black Magic and Evil Curses.

Empowered with the predictive powers of the Prai Grasip, the Look Krok is an effigy that exudes power from its Immensely Rich Muan Sarn ingredients used to cast the effigy.

Created and Empowered by Ajarn Waes (Ruesi Waet) over a long period of time in the Samnak, recieving repeated Incantations, Ritual and Meditative Empowerments the whole time. Released after a Final Master Day Ceremony Blessing in Ajarn Waes' Wai Kroo Ceremony in 2555 BE

Thai Buddhist Amulets

It was empowered with the Kata Taat See, Akarn Sam Sip Sorng, and the Nibbana Sutta, for a completely reanimated Necromantic Effigy of Khmer Necromantic Wicha, according to the Ancient Formulas of Ajarn Waes' Lineage Masters.

Thai Buddhist AmuletsThe effigy hides a Takrut spell within it with the Heart Mantra to invoke the Immense Psychic Powers of the Hoeng Prai Jedtaphuudt Phantom.

Ajarn Waes gave a final empowerment to the Look Krok during the Wai kroo ceremony of 2555 BE at his Ashram. The powders are of the most concentrated he has used for any Look Krok to date.

Thai Buddhist Amulets

Call the Look Krok to accompany you in spirit when you go out, and to help to forewarn you. Uses; Attract Riches and Treasures, Protection from and Evasion of Dangers, Forewarning of Lucky Streaks, Convincing Business Talk, Successful Commerce, Gambling and Lottery

Kata Look Krok, and how to Bucha (Worship) Look Krok

Kata Bucha Look Krok (call)

Aehi Aakamo Ja Prai Kumarn Somaa Raesa Maa Maa Aehi Ma Ma

Chant 9 Times and make your wishes and requests.

เอหิ อาคะโม จะ พรายกุมาร โสมาเรสะ มามา เอหิมะมะ

How to Worship the Kuman Tong

Kata Kuman Tong

Thai Buddhist Amulets

One can perform Bucha and Offerings once a week and/or Buddhist holidays, and otherwise, you only need to call the Look Krok to come and eat at mealtimes. Do not offer from your same plate, rather put a little to the side on a side plate. The Look Krok should be invited into the house in the same manner as Kumarn Tong and other Prai Spirit amulets.

Once installed in the home, you should use 'Nam Man Jantr' (aromatic oil used for Bucha), or aromatic oil, and perfumes or perfumed oils to anoint the Look Krok with, by either the 'dry method' of dabbing it on the effigy, or by 'wet method' by placing the effigy in a container in which it can be bather or immersed in the oil for permanent charging of power, and slowly filling it up as you perform repeated Prayer sessions.

If you smear it on the dry Look Krok a bit at a time (dry method), you can paste gold leaf on the wettened area and the leaf will stick and become melted with the surface of the effigy. This is a way of turning the Look Krok into a Kumarn Tong.

Advice for using the Wet method;

Use Nam Man Jantr anointment oil to perform Bucha, by pouring some into the jar, never let the Jar go dry once you begin Bucha, because the Look Krok loves it for its sustenance, and will reward you well with many treasures and profitable circumstances, successful business and prosperous advancement, protecting your home from dangers and disasters, black magic and demons. It is allowed to pour oil in faster than it evaporates and fill the jar completely with oil if you wish (said to be even better).

If you dont have Nam Man Jantr, most other perfumed oils will be fine (non chemical additives), but if you wish to stick to the traditional Nam Man Jantr, you will find we provide this in the Temple Paraphernalia Section of the Store.

Kata for Metta Mahaniyom and Maha Sanaeh Amulets, Charms and Oils

For a higher increased understanding of how to worship the Kumarn and Prai type amulets and Bucha images, we recommend that you read all of the info contained in the below links. Correct understanding of how to Bucha is the real reason for success with your amulet, and incorrect or lazy Bucha, is also a reason why some people feel that their amulet is not working.

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