Look Krok Paetch Raeng Rit powerful business improver - Ajarn Wirataep Yan Kroo Prasit

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Ajarn Wirataep recreated a human skull effigy reproducitons in miniature, which were made from a larger real Look Krok, and made Magical inscriptions in Khmer, using the 'Montr Maha Phuudt' spell. Pong Aaathan (magical powders) are inserted within the Look Krok, which is sealed with powerful magical wax from the Tian Chai Victory candle used in Puttapisek and Taewapisek empowerment ceremonies, which had been gathered and saved up from many tens of Puttapisek ceremonies.

Thai Amulet

The effigy has been animated with a living mind to be born as the Look Krok Paetch, and also taught the spirit of the Look Krok various Magical Wicha, so that it would have special powers more than an average Look Krok. Sacred Khom agkhara lettering is inscribed all over the skull.

The devotee who makes Bucha to the Look Krok Paetch will recieve much Choke Lap (good luck and fortune), calling business and customers, helping work to go smoothly, protecting you and your business, and family household.

1.4 x 1.2 Inches

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