Look Krok Prai Nam Tip - (Divine Look Krok Effigy) - Ajarn Apichai Decha

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The Look Krok Prai Nam Tip is a divine look krok effigy of a stillborn embryo spirit. This look krok effigy was made and consecrated by Ajarn Apichai Decha.

Ajarn Apichai used sacred 'ittirit' powders for making the Look Krok Prai Nam Tip. The so-called 'ittirit' powders are a mixture of a sacred ingredients, which consists of earths from seven termite mounds, earths from seven ports, earths taken from the sacred pillar in the centre of seven cities, earths from seven successful market places, earths from seven cemeteries, and earths and ashes from seven funeral pires. Next, Ajarn Apichai empowered the mixture of sacred ingredients performing the kata Agarn Sam Sip Sorng for invoking the thirty-two parts of the human body, and the kata Hnun Taat Si for inducing the four elements. Then, when the ritual consecration succeeded, the Look Krok Prai Nam Tip was wrapped with a magical cord.

Ajarn Apichai Decha's Look Krok Prai Nam Tip amulet features strong magical effects of choke lap, metta mahaniyom, and maha sanaeh. The look krok thus possesses highly effective powers that can help bestow luck and fortunes, generate loving kindness, and induce physical attraction. Yet the Look Krok Prai Nam Tip is perhaps most powerful when used for improving and cultivating one's profession. This divine look krok effigy can, however, also bring its owner success in key areas of social life, especially when it comes down to the romantic areas of life. For the rest, Ajarn Apichai's look krok can help removing obstacles in life, forewarn one of danger, provide protection from accidents, and safeguarding one's house and personal belongings.

If one is trained in practising sustained focus on and awareness of a meditation object, then one could even use the Look Krok Prai Nam Tip for wishfulfilment. Of course, it goes without saying that this requires a certain level of experience in meditation, too.

Kata for Look Krok from Ajarn Apichai

The following kata should be chanted three times:

'Om citta putta kumarn jong ma agacchaya agacchahi.'

("Oh, mind of the divine child spirit; come, [I invite you to] come to me".)


Kata Look Krok, and how to bucha (worship) Look Krok

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