Look Krok Prai Perm Sap - 8 x 4 Cm Necromantic Bucha Amulet - (2nd Edition) 2556 BE - Pra Ajarn Somchart Bparimudto

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Look Krok Prai Perm Sap is made for Increasing Wealth and Treasured Possessions, Gambling and Flourishing Commerce. These Sacred Powder amulets and Bucha Images, took the World of Kumarn Tong Collectors and Devotees by storm in 2012. and were recieved with great popularity. Then after the complete depletion of that edition, there arose the call for a further batch, to fulfil the demands of the masses of devotees who revere the amulets of Pra Ajarn Somchart around the whole world to be made, and distributed. And so here we have the second edition of what turned out to be his most successful edition to date of Kumarn Tong & Look Krok effigies.

The Look Krok is made from a very highly concentrated Muan Sarn composed of Prai Oils, Bone Powders and Funeral Ashes, Sorcerous Earths and Magical Herbal ingredients. This smaller version of the 5 inch Bucha Kroo Edition is encased in a water proof casing for wear. Nam Man Prai and magical herbal oils have been added to continuously charge the effigy. The Look Krok will suckle at the Nam Man Prai oils, retaining its necromatic Prai charge.

108 Cemeteries have provided 108 sources of Sorcerous Powders. with 9 Kumarn from Nine Provinces who were 9 Years Old. Earths from the Traditional Necromantic Wiha were of course also included such as 7 earths from 7 Ports, 7 salt licks, and earth from the sump of the Funeral Pyre with the fats of the corpse.

Front and Back LK

The most Powerful Herbal Prai Ingredients were ground up and added including Wan Kumarn Tong, Wan Sanaeh Jantr, and, the rare and powerful Gambler's favorite Magical Herb, Wan Udom Choke.

Rear View LK

The reanimation Kata of the Kumarn Tong Look Krok is inscribed in white ink on the effigy, with the syllables; "JI-JE-RUU-NI". A Sacred Na Yantra for Maha Lap is inscribed on its belly - "Na Chaa Lii Dti", is inscribed around a sacred Na Yant on it's back for Maha Lap wealth attraction.

Use for beseeching Windfalls, Promotion and Wage Rises, Lucky Finds, Luck in Lottery, Commerce and Sales, Metta from Superiors, Success, Love and Attraction, to watch over and Protect the Household, Gambling and most other wishes.

Hand Compare Front

Nine knots (Hyak) arefound along the contours of the Sacred Na Yant spell design, representing the great Nava Horakun Incantation which can bind and command all ghosts and spirits of the dead "A Sang Wi Su Lo Bu Sa Pu Pa" (Abhidhamma 7 Books). The Heart Mantra of the Abhidhamma (one syllable for each of the seven books of the Abhidhamma). The Abhidhamma is an explanation of all the states which are, and are not enlughtened states of mind, and all the states of auspicous and inauspicious nature, and is famous for its use in Thai Buddhist Funeral Chanting.

Like all Prai Spirit Deities, to worship a Look Krok will bring great luck and fortune to its owner, increasing wealth, and causing income and treasures to flow in from all around. Gambling is much more of a Cinch with the help of the Look Krok, and Travelling is blessed with the safety given by the Look Krok’s Kong Grapan and Klaew Klaad power.

Rear Hand Compare

The Look Krok will warn both of forthcoming dangers, and of coming luck. When Luck is about to have a burst or a lucky streak, you will notice people showing much more attention than even usually, and a lot of friendly approaches in a short time. This is the time to lay your bet. The Way of Worship is similar to that for Kumarn Tong, Hun Payont, Mae Hong Prai, Mae Takian, and most other Prai Spirit Deities as far as offerings are concerned, but the Kata is personalized, as is usually the case with each different type of Prai Deity.

Blessing of the Look Krok

The Invocation of the Prai Deva Spirits and Empowerment of this 2556 BE  2nd edition Wai Kroo series, was performed once more with Pra Ajarn Somchart Presiding and performing the Opening and Entrance to the cemetery for the Ritual Incantations to be performed. He conversed with the Guardian Deities of the cemetery, and asked for permission from the 'Sarn Dtaa Yaay' Shrine of the Local Ghosts.

The the 'Piti Buang Suang Plii Phaa Hor Rang Prai'. This is a Ritual for the removal of wrapping and binding of Corpses. the Prai Spirits inside Prai Necromantic Kumarn, Look Krok and other effigies, are often bound using corpse cloth or cords, colored 'Daay Akom' threads, colored 'Pha Sam See/Jet See' Bucha Ribbons, or other simliar Sorcerous Binding materials, depending on the Wicha.

The Look Krok amulets, Bucha images and Pha Yant Cloths were then made and empowered using the Montr Wicha Yant Dhamma Dhatu Ruu Maha Gamnerd. This Empowerment was performed for one whole 'Traimas' (Trimester, a three months period duering the rainy retreats where the Monks stay in their Temples and spend the nights Practicing and empowering their amulets).

A final empowerment was given to the whole edition, before they were released to leave the Temple for distribution. The Look Krok recieved a final individual Blessing with hand Inscription from Pra Ajarn Somchart.

Pra Ajarn Somchart's Look Krok Bucha statues and Prai Look Krok Powder amulets of this edition are now approaching the status of legendary, and received massive Interest from Foreign Shores such as Malaysia Taiwan and Singapore.


Kata Bucha Look Krok Prai Perm Sap

Ji Je Ru Ni Jidt Dtang Jae Dta Sigang Ruu Bpang Ni Midt Dtang Aa Kaj Chaa Ya Aa Kaj Chaa Hi Ma Ma Maa Maa Ma Haa Luuk Grorg Praay Perm Sap Aehi Maa Maa Maa

Pra Ajarn Somchart

Call the Look Krok to Work

A Sam Pa Wae Jittang Nang Gaai Pantanang Soh Dti

Call Wealth and Possessions and Luck;

Aehi Pokang Aehi Maa Maa Aehi Tanang Aehi Maa Maa Aehi Laapang Aehi Maa Maa Aehi Jidtang Bpiyang Ma Ma

Chant 7 or 9 times and make your wish

How to Worship the Kuman Tong

Kata Kuman Tong

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