Look Om Na Hnaa Tong with Takrut Sariga Spell & Lakshman Powders Amulet Luang Por Hwan Blessed for Wat Sai Kam Ho 2559 BE

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Look Om Pra Laks Na Hnaa Tong sacred powder ball amulet with Takrut Sariga Spell & the Golden Faced Lakshman Spell Invocation within the Wan Pra Laks Maha Sanaeh Sacred Powders , blessed by Luang Por Hwan for raising funds to help the temple of Wat Sai Kam Ho. The Look Om were released in the year 2559 BE, using very fine quality and highly powered herbal powders, and Sacred Muan Sarn ingredients to invoke the magical power of attraction of the Golden Faced Na Hnaa Tong Lakshman spell, renowned for its Metta Maha Niyom and Maha Sanaeh power to seduce and enchant, and to induce great preference and liking towards the wearer.

The Na Hnaa Tong spell is believed to be powerful in its effect when meeting people in High Social po.sitions. It is also highly favored by those in the stage and entertainment industries such as actors singers and other performers, to attract a large following.

This Look Om is a Special Edition series Look Om Na Hnaa Tong Muan Sarn Sacred Powders Wishing Ball amulet with Sacred Yant inscription and Takrut Sariga Celestial Magpie spell inserted within, in Black and Gold Frame waterproof casing, blessed at the temple of Wat Hai Kam Ho, with the Merciful Help and Blessings of the Great Luang Por Hwan of Wat Klong Koon. The Wicha Na Hnaa Tong is imbued within the Look Om to increase popularity and power of attraction, with the Takrut Sariga to Seduce those who are attracted with Mercy Charm.

Below; The Sacred Yant Pralaks Hnaa Tong is inscribed into the surface of the Look Om

Luang Por Hwan was generous to perform empowerment and blessings over the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders and the amulets, and to perform the insertion of Takrut Sariga scroll spells with his Incantations and empowerments of the Celestial Magpie spell for Mercy Charm and Convincing Speech, and Seductive Influence. Luang Por Hwan is a Gaeji Ajarn Master Monk of the Pijit Province, who has come to be the most commonly heard name to be present on any large and important Buddha Abhiseka (Putta Pisek) Blessing Ceremony, in all major temples of Pijit, and indeed around the Nation. In 2559 BE his Meritorious accomplishments became so noticeable on a National level, that he became major news coverage, heralding the advent of a new Legendary Master, and a new chapter in the history of Guru Monks of Pijit, and their amulets.

Many devotees have reported immense successes with his amulets, and his humility and luck bringing magic has become common knowledge with Thai Buddhist Folk. Since Luang Por Hwan's fame has increased, and led Luang Por Hwan to be regarded as one of the few still living Masters of Old, with truly powerful Wicha, and true purity of Practice as a Buddhist Monk, his devotees have grown in numbers greatly around the country. The need for his amulets has increased at the same incredible rate, and so the Kana Gammagarn committee of the temple created new editions to cover the needs of the devotees.

This of course increases the power of Luang Por Hwan to finance more charitable projects, and his merits increase accordingly. We are looking at a master who is despite his greatness, is still in rapid ascension. The need of Thai Buddhists to find refuge in the blessings, teachings and amulets of a Great Monk has been extreme in te years 2558-2560 BE in the wake of the passing of many great monks in the last recent years (Luang Por Koon, Pra Sangkarach, Luang Phu Kambu, Luang Ta Maha Bua, Luang Por Sakorn and others).

You can also use the Kata for Wicha Sariga to invoke the powers within the Takrut Sariga inside the Look Om

Na Hnaa Tong is also a Sak Yant Tattoo and a Ritual Spell using Gold Leaf, pasting it on Forehead or total facial area, whilst performing Incantations. Below video shows Sak Yant Master Luang Pi Pant performing the Na Hnaa Tong Ritual on a Looksit.

Pra Laks Hnaa Tong is the Golden Faced God Lakshman, brother of the God Rama, and exists as a Wicha to Invoke the qualities of this God, whose golden face attracts both lovers and admirers, customers and enntourage, as well as inducing helpfulness from others to assist you.

Kata Na Hnaa Tong

Puttang Saranag Kajchaami (refuge in the Buddha)

Tammang Sarang Kajchaami (refuge in the Dharma)

Sangkang Saranang Kajchaami (Refuge in the Sangha)

Agkhara Ma Bpen Agkhara Ma (for the Ma)

Agkhara A Bpen Agkhara A (for the A)

Agkara U Bpen agkara U (for the U).

Kata for the Unaalome;

Unaaloemaa Bpana Chaayathae.

After this, chant the following, until you feel tingly, and blow your breath into the Look Om;

Garaniiya (generosity) Maetthaa (compassion and favor) Garunaa (Mercy) Mutithaa Ubaegkhaa (non attachment/entanglement in matters) Naarii Jaggawadtee Raachaa (Narii means Ladies, Jaggawath means empire, & Raachaa means kings or rulers/emperors, which means 'Ruler of the Hearts of Ladies') Manoe Joerang (Manoe means mind, Joerang means villain – protect from evil doers) Maetthaa Jith-thang Biyang Ma Ma

(Biyang means Majestic, Maetthaa Jith-thang means merciful mind/thoughts). Ma Ma is a kind of calling towards oneself (come here).

You can also chant the following as a short heart Mantra whenever you wish to invoke the power of attraction quickly;

Sappae Chanaa Pahuu Chanaa.

Alternatively, for ladies, you can hold the amulet to invoke power, and chant the Kata to blow into perfume or lip gloss, and smear it on the lips, brows or forehead.

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