Look Om Paya Suea - Luang Por Pian (Wat Grern Gathin) - Run 'Maha Mongkol Pokasap' 2553 Puttapisek Sao Ha 5 times empowerment over one whole year

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Look Om are magical Talismans for protection and other purposes (such as Kong Grapan protection and Maha Amnaj commanding power being the main purpose in this animist Tiger amulet, by Luang Por Pian. The Look Om Suea were empowered on the Maha Waet day of Saor Haa, as well as another four occasions where Puttapisek blessing ceremonies were performed on the amulets.

Released along with other amulets of the Maha Mongkol Pokasap editon, this Look Om Suea tiger amulet was one of a range of amulets made in less numbers, which are more Magically influenced, for those who like to actively work with magic amulets. The Look Om is worn on a neck chain or even a belt, or in the pocket. The Look Om are also used in various Ritual practices, such as soaking in prayer water for cha empowerment, as well as in the making of magic spells, so it can be considered both an amulet, as well as a piece of Ritual Paraphernalia.

This particular Look Om is both for Protection as well as Maha Lap and Amnaj for commanding power. It is covered with Sacred Khom Agkhara forming the letters NA MA PA TA (Invoking the 4 elements - an important part of animist effigy empowerment) written over the surface of the sacred metal of the Look Om Suea Talisman.

Luang Por Pian

Luang Por Pian is one of the Last of his Generation of Guru Monks, and carries a powerful and long lasting lineage of Magical Wicha with from from Ancient Masters who taught their science to their Looksit over hundreds of years, so that the magical helpers which we in Thailand are so used to having available can still be made by Masters like Luang Por Pian, and still be used to improve our lives right up to the present Modern Age. His Wicha are many, but his Meed Hmor and Hanuman effigies as well as Tiger related amulets are amongst the most popular in Thailand as far as modern amulets are concerned. His magical powers are unquestioned in Thailand, and his amulets are made remaining faithful to the 'Old School' of thought, using ancient formulas and ingredients as well as the traditional empowerment methods. LP Pian is truly an old Master with decades of practice behind him, who has developed his psychic empowerment ability to a finely honed skill, and is currently the Kroo Ba Ajarn of many New Masters who we are already hearing about, and who will one day perhaps become great 'Gaeji' Masters in their own right.

Video of Luang Por blessing amulets - experienced meditators will be able to see how he uses Prana energy, calling it up with his intake of breath and raising it up his spine in preparation for his blessing and empowerment.

Video of Luang Por Pian teaching what he asks of his looksit.

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