Look Om Perd Toranii Perd Loke Hor Pha Sop Banju Nai Prasat Ngan Plerng Luang Phu Sawad - Kroo Ba Dech Gidtiyano

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The Look Om Perd Toranii Perd Loke of Kroo Ba Dech, is a powerful Sacred Powder Ball made from Kroo Ba's most powerful Muan Sarn, wrapped in Corpse Cloth, from the Ngan Prachum Plerng Funereal Ceremony of Luang Phu Sawad (Wat Kaset Sukh, Payao), sealed with Inscriptions in Thai Lanna Agkhara.

The Look Om were empowered at the ceremony in 2557 BE by placement within the coffin and cremation palace of the Funeral Ceremony of the Great Luang Phu Sawad Sirimangkalo, of Wat Kaset Sukh, in Payao, which was attended by Kroo Ba Dech and a large number of other Great Present Day Masters, in reverence to the Great Lanna Master Kroo Ba Ajarn of their Lineage, Luang Phu Sawad Sirimangkalo.

Luang Phu Sawad passed away on the 2nd Une 2014 (2557 BE), after building many improvements over the years at the temple, and extending the land by purchasing plots of land around the temple, to expand its facilities. Luang Phu was so diligent in this, that when the Looksit investigated the bank account of Luang Phu after his death, he was found to have only 50$ (1500 baht) in his personal possession.

Look Om Kroo Ba Dech

The Look Om hence received the Thai name of 'Look Om Banju Nai Prasat Prachum Plerng Luang Phu Sawad', because it was empowered within the coffin during his funeral ceremony. A number of great Kroo Ba Ajarn Guru Masters were present to chant the Abhidhamma Funeral Chant and empower the amulets in the same Ceremony.

The ceremony was performed to open the portals and veils of the celestial worlds, to open the path for Luang Phu Sawad to find the Portal to Nibbana, and to Invoke the Earth Goddess, to ask for her Forgiveness and Blessings, according to the Ancient Vedic Wicha Perd Toranee Perd Loke.

Look Om Perd Toranii Perd Loke Hor Pha Sop

Kroo Ba Dech explains, that the Look Om is endowed with inherent natural magical Powers within its Muan Sarn Sacred Powder substance. It has especially powerful magic within it through having been burned in the funeral pyres of Luang Phu Sawad's Cremation Ceremony, during the performing of the Funeral Chant.

These Look Om have been a very rare amulet since the day of the ceremony, because the many Looksit (Devotees) of Luang Phu Sawad, and Kroo Ba Dech, fell over each other to snap up the Look Om directly at the ceremony, and only a very few (499 Look Om) remained after the ceremony, which were taken by Kroo Ba Dech for those who came later, to take back to his temple for his Devotees.

Kroo Ba Dech gave these Look Om a second empowerment Ceremony at the Cemetery of the Temple in his usual fashion, according to the Dtamra Grimoires of his Lineage. The Look Om is empowered with the Prayers to Beseech Forgiveness as practiced by Ancient Brahmans, to apologise to Mother Earth for standing and walking on her, and give thanks for her generosity in giving us our place to live, our food and sustenance.

We Humans throw refuse and sewage all over the surface of the planet, pollution it and ravaging it of its resources, it is necessary to beseech forgiveness to Mother Earth for the price she pays for allowing us to Evolve upon its body, which is our world. Each and every day, upon waking, the ancient Brahmans would tap the floor three times with their hands, before rising to stand up on the earth. This was a ritual of respect and of reverence, ro Pra Mae Toranii Earth Goddess.

The Look Om appeases Mother Earth through Bucha, and Invoked Her Blessings of Protection, to Nurture us with Her Fruitful Blessings. To Bucha the Look Om on an altar or to wear it as an amulet, is tantamount to Bucha to Pra Mae Toranii Dharani Goddess.

Bucha to the Look Om brings all the protective blessings and prosperous fortunes, and clearing of paths which accompany Bucha to the Earth Goddess. She will protect you on your journeys and clear your path of dangers in the air, on the earth, and the ocean.

Kroo Ba Dech is a long standing tried and tested Sorceror Monk, who has been Internationally Acclaimed, and called upon to visit far shores around S.E. Asia, with tens of thousands of devotees around the world within his fold. He lives simply in forest ashram monastery and practices the High Kammathana Cemetery Meditations.

Kroo Ba Dech Gidtiyano

His amulets have always been made adhering to ancient formulas of sorcery, with the most rare and powerful magical ingredients used in the Muan Sarn Sacred Powders and Nam Man Prai oil potions he has produced to date.

His adept practice has led him to master a vast array of Wicha, be it Takrut, Potions, Muan Sarn Sacred Powders amulets or cast metal alchemical amulets. Most well known for his Lanna Buddhakun Buddist amulets preserving the ancient methods of making, and his Khmer Necromantic Potions and Occult Charms.

Look Om Perd Toranii Perd Loke Muan Sarn Sacred Powders Wishing Ball Kroo Ba Dech

Kata Bucha Look Om Perd Toranī

Ōm Berk Māhā Berk Ōm Lerk Māhā Lerk Ja Berk Toranīsān Lae Tawān Salak Ja Berk Sing Tī Khwāng Hnā Ja Berk Mae Pra Toranī Tāw Intr Prohm Ja Berk Kāthā Māhā Nitrā Bpragorp Duay Dtēchō Wāyō Yorn Phūdt Prai Mū Bpisāj An Mī Rit Ja Berk Tēwada An Yū Chan Fā Ja Berk Pra Ātidt Pra Jantr Pra Angkarn Pra Put Pra Paruehasabodī Pra Sukr Pra Sao Pra Rahū Pra Gaedt Ja Berk Pra Paetchalūgan Jet Chan Ja Berk Hwaen Lūk Gan Than Pirord Lae Rāng Tāng Long Duay Pra Bpathamang An Saksit Bpen Bprajiad Takrut Puttajakr Laekh Yant Bpen Gampaeng Jet Chan Gan Montra ōm Swāha Swāhāya Puttang Bprasit Tammang Bprasit Sangkang Bprasit

If you find this Kata too difficult, you can use the Kata Ārātanā Pra Krueang below, which is both recommendable, and usable for all Thai Buddhist Amulets.

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