Look Sakot Gan Pai Nuea Dtakua for Protection & Anti Black Magic Luang Por Pimp Wat Preuksawan 2555 BE

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The Look Sakot alchemical leaden bead Magical Spell of Luang Por Pimp of Wat Preuksawan in Pijit, has gained immense renown since its release in 2555 BE for its power to reflect and fend off Black Magick attacks, Evil Spirits and Ghosts, and to Evade deadly Accidents, and Enemies. The Look Sakot is attached to a cord for wearing as a necklace or bracelet. The Look sakot were released along with the now rare to find Rian Jing Jok Yok Tap Magical Gecko coin amulets.

Luang Por Pimp is known to be the current Wicha Holder for Luang Phu Nai's famous Gecko Magic, and has continued the Dtamra with various editions of Jing Jok amulets over the years.

The Look Sakot was released in the 2555 BE Bucha Kroo Edition, and has the Sacred Yant Dto inscribed, with the temple code stamp 'Wor Por Sor Wor' (วพษว), for 'Wat Preuk Sa Wan'. In addition, the Kata 'Iswaasu' and 'Sa Ha Ya Sa' are also inscribed around the Look Sakot.

Below; Looksit rising into religious trance (Khong Khuen) during the Yearly Bucha Kroo Ceremony of Luang Por Pimp

Luang Por Pimp is a Guru master with two different Great Magical Lineages of Wicha, that of the Great Luang Phu Sukh of Wat Pak Klong Makham Tao, and also the Wicha Jing Jok, and Wicha Sak Yant from Luang Phu Nai of Wat Ban Jaeng in Ayuttaya.

The Look Sakot should protect you from harm and keep all evils away, and attract good Karma and prosperity, The Look Sakot is easy to use, for it needs no special Bucha or rituals to invoke its power, merely wearing the amulet is enough for the magic to flow through it, for it has been empowered in this way.

Below; a video of the 2556 Bucha Kroo Ceremony the year after this edition, with Luang Por Pimp performing blessings.

Use the Kata Aaraatanaa Pra Krueang for Bucha

Kata Bucha

Below; Luang Por Pimp of Wat Preuksawan in Pijit

Luang Por Pimp

You can also use Kata Yant Maha Ud for Kong Grapan Invincibility, Gunstopper Magic and Ud Sap Magic for Prevention of Loss of Wealth

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