Look Sakot Khun Phaen Hnib Rak (Khun Phaen Grabbing Lovers magic Bead) with Ba Cha Dta Lovers - Nuea Pong Maha Phuudt 7 Cherng Dtagon Ab Tong Kata sanaeh 1000 Bot - Kroo Ba Dech Gittiyano

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Kroo Ba Dech fused the Wicha Khun Phaen with the Wicha Yant Hnib, and formed the Pra Khun Phaen Hnib spell in the form of a 'Look sakot' (Magic Bead with Spell inhabiting).

This is the first ever appearance of a new Wicha and the first ever of this kind of amulet appearing, making this a 'Perd Dtamra' (opening of a new Legend) type amulet. The Look sakot Khun Phaen Hnib Rak is made from powerful mixture of Pong Maha Phuudt Jet Cherng Dtagon, which is a Magical Prai Powder that has immense 'Hian' (wild and powerful magic) instilled within it.

The Powders were empowered using deep meditative practice and incantations, which finished with the offering of merits to the various Devas and Prai Spirits in their respective Realms, and he offered them Merits and asked them each to come and enter the powder of their free will with no binding magic or other force which is ouot of the 5 precepts. The powder is thus full of Merit Making power due to the many Deva spirits and Prai Spirit beings who have entered this powder according to the Animist Wicha of Prai Spirit calling, and Buddhist Pure method of asking them to assist in making marit with Buddhism, by entering the poders of their own free will. He then had to wait for a long time, despite the fact he wanted to make an edition of Khun Phaen amulets for his Looksit. This was because he needed Nam Man Prai (Prai Oil) for the mixture, but he felt that as a Buddhist MOnk it was outside of his rules to go find and obtain it himself or to make it. But in a vision, his Kroo Ba Ajarn said that someone would come and donate some authentic Prai Oil for his usage.

Above; Khun Phaen and Maiden in Ba Cha Dta Kama Sutra posture, invoking the extreme Maha Sanaeh Wicha Ba Cha Dta to increase the Power of the Khun Phaen with the In Koo/Yin Tong type Magic, increasing the power of Love Charm ability.

Shortly after this, a Looksit appeared and donated enough of the finest prai Oil. Kroo Ba Dech then suddenly disappeared as he was walking in the area of the foot of Cherng Dtagon. He mysteriously was not to be found. Kroo ba explained later that he took the oil but as he walked, a Prai deva spirit appeared and spoke with him, and he shared merits and offered Metta as a Bhikkhu to it and asked it to empower the oil and to fuse it with the sacred powders to be used for the Look Sakot Khun Phaen amulets.

He made Sacred Yantra using the Yant Koo Ha Koo Riak Kon, which is a Centuries Old Lanna Wicha of Authentic Power. These Spells were given invocations and Incantations and then inserted into the Look Sakot Beads. The amulets were given their Full and Final Empowerment Ceremony at the foot of Mount Dtagon, by calling the Devas and Prais to assist in empowering the amulets, and finally by bathing them in 'Nam Tong' (gold leaf filled holy water), and given Metta Blessings.

Bucha Method for Look Sakot Khun Phaen Hnib Rak

The Look Sakot can be used for Metta and Choke Lap purposes, such as Business talks, Shop sales, Professional Discussions, as well as for Gambling. It is also a powerful and specific Targeting Love Charm amulet for Maha sanaeh purpose usage;

If used as Maha Sanaeh Love Charm, take a leaf of 'Bai Rak' (Type of Tree - we may be providing this leaf soon in our store), and inscribe the Name of your Loved one whom you wish to charm, then insert it indside the tunnel within the amulet, and chant the Kata Bucha Look Sakot Khun Phaen

Om Laluay Mahaa Laluay Jong Nguay Ngong Jong Jai Nai Dtua Kaa Samuean Chaang Rak Ngaa Rak Dtua Guu Samuean Pla Rak Nam Rak Dtua Guu Samuean Tham Rak Khao Rak Dtua Guu Samuean Ngao Dtaam Dtua, Rak Dtua Guu Samuean Wua Dtaam Mae Jidt (say the Name of the person we wish to Charm).. Rak Guu Hai Nae Om Sitti Sitti Sawaahome

Sunamolo Namapata

(Chant 3 Times)

โอม ละลวยมหาละลวย จงงวยงงจงใจในตัวข้า เสมือนช้างรักงา รักตัวกูเสมือนปลารักน้ำ รักตัวกูเสมือนถ้ำรักเขา รักตัวกูเสมือนเงาตามตัว รักตัวกูเสมือนวัวตามแม่ จิต(เอ่ยชื่อคนที่ต้องการ) รักกูให้แน่ โอม สิทธิ สิทธิ สะวาโหม สุนะโมโล นะมะพะทะ 3จบ

Then, Focus, and create as much faith and meaning it in your heart as possible, take a deep breath, and increase your focus, then blow the breath and the Kata into the amulet three times, which should if performed correctly, leave you knowing from your own sensation of the experience (the more focus, the more real and intense), that the amulet is well empowered and activated. One knows much more from direct experience, than from faith in what others have said, when one truly begins to take oneself seriously when communicating with amulets and the Powers of Heaven, one begins to experience the Reality of their Magic, from within, not without.

First Time you bring the Look sakot Khun Phaen into the House, light 3 incense sticks and inform the local spirits of the Household area that you are bringing the Prai into the house, to increase the auspicious atmosphere and happiness of all beings in all spheres within that spacetime where your home is and where you live your life. Whenever you Pray or make other Merits and then make sharing of Merit and sending of Metta practice, always send and share with the Phuudt prai spirits of the Look Sakot Khun Phaen, and this will increase the Metta and Baramee of your Prosperity and Success.

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