Look Sakot Pidta Yant Yung Kong Grapan Chadtri Nuea Chanuan Saksit Circa 2480 BE Luang Por Ta Wat Paniang Dtaek

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Look Sakot Yant Yung Kong Grapan Chadtri Sacred Magical Alchemical Metallic bead Spell with Pid Ta Yant Yung embossed, and code stamp, in Nuea Chanuan Saksit Sacred Artifact Alloys forged with Alchemical Metallurgy, from the Great Luang Por Ta, of Wat Paniang Dtaek. Luang Por Ta of Wat Paniang Dtaek was born in 2397 BE, and passed away in the year 2493 BE.

He ordained at the age of 15 years, and studied Buddha Magic with the Great Luang Por Dsaeng of Wat Tung Kork, Luang Por Chaem of Wat Ta Gong, Luang Por Tiang, of Wat Muang Chum, and Luang Por Wongs of Wat Phak Goot. He was famed for his Rian Lor Coins, Takrut, Look Sakot, and Pra Pid Ta Yant Yung amulets.

Below; The code stamp 'Por Ta' is stamped into the surface of the Look Sakot. The age of the alchemical alloy metal is evidently pre 2500 BE, and show the true characteristics of ageing to be expected for a Look Sakot Luang Por Ta, which is well over 70 years old.

Free Registered Air Parcel Shipping Worldwide is included with this amulet. Luang Por Ta's Kong Grapan Invincibility Magic was highly renowned with Military, and the Gangster Scene, who used his amulets as gunstoppers and evasive magical talismans to avoid bullets and blades.. The Look Sakot bears the image of the Pra Pid Ta Yant Yung Nirodha Buddha embossed upon the surface of the ancient alchemical metal alloy, which is incredibly rich in ancient rligious metallic artifacts.

This Look Sakot was taken out of the Chedi Kru Chamber for distribution to raise funds to restore and maintain the temple of Wat Paniang Dtaek, and released them with boxes made specially for this particular opening of the Kru Chamber.

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