Look Sakot Run Suriya Paraka - Luang Por Kasem Khemago 2538 BE - Sussaan Dtrailaks (Lampang)

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Look Sakot Magic bead for Bucha (reverence and praying to) or for Magical usage as a ritual instrument (possible to apply in many ways in Thai Buddha Magic and Buddhist meditation)

Main Purpose is increasing wealth, popularity and being protected.

Look sagod Luang Por Kasem

The Look Sakot also keeps all forms of black magic away. Made in 2538 BE, this item is a total rarity to find.

Made by Ariya Sangha Legendary Guru Monk Luang Por kasem Khemago, who is one of Thailand-Amulets.Net favorite Guru master Monks, and whose amulets are one of our recommended lines.

This amulet is useful to both sexes, and can be revered equally whether you are a Buddhist, Brahman, or Animist. Reason being that it is sacred and powerful for three reasons 1. the Buddhist Monk and Buddhist empowerments it has received 2. the Taewapisek empowerment of Brahman Deities, and 3. The mixture of magical Herbs and Powders to formulate a potion that any Occultist from any Culture, Country or Lineage would envy to have in his or her armory of sacred ingredients for making amulets and charms, talismans and spells.

Look sagod are used as a tool in the secret 'Hong Pra Piti Ha' ritual of testing the powers of psychic and Jhanic empowerment of amulets for masters of the Thai Buddhist Magical Tradition

Luang Por Kasem Khemago

Luang Por Kasem Khemago – Samnak Songk Susaan Dtrailaks, Lampang
Arya Sangha, Tudong Master, LP Kasem was one of North Thailands Greatest Amulet Makers – Revered even by members of the Thai Royal Family. His purity and renunciation is legendary, as are his Sacred Amulets which have spurred many a tale of Miraculous Events.

Kata Luang Por Kasem Khemago

(Praying and paying reverence to the Sacred Buddha relics and images around the Universe)

Wantaami Jaedtiyang Sappang Sappadthaanae

Subpadtisadtitdtaa Srirataadtung Mahaapoting
Puttaruubpang Saggaarang Sattaa naakalogae Taewalogae Daawadtingsae Prahmalogae Chompootiibpae Sanggaatiibpae
Srirataadtuyo Gaesaataadtuyo Jaedtiyang Kantagudtii Jadturasii Dtissahassa Tammakhantaa
Bpaadtijaediyang Narataewae Hibpuuchidtaa Ahang Wantaami Duuradto Ahang Wantaami Taadtuyo Ahang Wantaami Sappaso

Kata for increasing personal Metta (LP Kasem)

Sataahang Sukhidto Homi (Chant 15 times a day)

Kata for spreading Metta to Other Living Beings

Sukhinowaa Khemino Hondtu Sappae Sadtaa Pawandtu Sukhidtadtaa (Chant 20 times a day)

Kata for apologizing to books

Luang por Kasem was a great lover of books, and would restore or clean any ripped pages or discarded pieces of book.

Agkharang Tosang Khamadtumae

Kata for paying reverence to books

Agkharang Wantaamihan

Books are the source of knowledge, and are thus sacred.

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