Luang Phu Chao 1st Edition - Wat Huay Lam Yai 2555 BE

Luang Phu Chao's First edition amulets have had immense success from the release date onwards, with his 'Gai Fa' Cockerel amulets in 4 different Models, Some Nang Kwak Coins, Pra Narai Plik Duang Takrut Amulets, two types of Money Crab amulet, and some Extremely Fine Powder Khun Phaen amulets. Two Types of Nang Kwak Coin amulets were also given a lot of Protagonism in this First Edition by Luang Phu Chao

Paya Gai Fa

Released in Two different Models and 2 different types of Sacred Metals, with differing Sacred Elements Inserted into the sacred Powders of their Bases.

The Top Model was in Nuea Sadta Loha (7 Metals) with Khaw Plueak (Sacred Rice grain) and 2 Silver Takrut, and was bound with Sacred Sinjana Cords around the neck.

Pu Hneeb Tong Hneeb Ngern

The rear face was filled with Sacred Powders and a Takrut Spell for Riches. It was made in green or white Jade/Onyx.

Pra Khun Phaen Fon Saen Ha

Red Version

The Khun Phaen was made in Two different types of Sacred Powders 'Nuea Daeng' (Red), and 'Nuea Dam' (Black). Each Powder type was made in two different Pim (models) per Powder; Pim B (standard 2 silver Takrut) and Ongk Kroo Pim A (Masterpiece with Gold Takrut on Front Face).

Dark Version

The most attractive aspect of this edition of amulets from Luang Phu Chao, is the fact that each single amulet has passed through the hands of Luang Phu, without exception, to recieve his Individual Blessings. This edition was empowered in the traditional Ancient Way of the Gaeji Ajarn Masters of Old, by Empowering each Single Amulet Individually as well as all together. Luang Phu Chao uses this Method as this is the way he believes in to make powerful amulets as told of in so many Legends.

Rian Nang Kwak Riak Sap

Nuea Tong Daeng

Nuea Takua

Takrut Narai Plik Duang