Luang Phu Prohmma - Samnak Songk Tham Suan Hin Gaew (Phaa Nang Koi)

Luang Phu Promma of Wat Suan Himapant Nang Loi (Ubon Rachatani), is one of Thailands Historically famous Gaeji Ajarn Master Monks of the Isan region.

In 2536, a famous Politician was in the news for being the victim of an assasination attempt. The car he was in was destroyed from the attack, and the victim was hit, but the bullets did not pierce his skin. He was wearing an amulet from Luang Phu Prohmma, causing Devotees to snap up his amulets like hot cakes, and for the LP Prohmma amulets to become an Essential Rarity and of Great Popularity, for the proof of magic resulting from the assasination attempt of the politician