Luang Phu Supar Nang Maeng Mum Riak Sap Ongk Kroo 24 K Gold Plated Aayu Yern 118 Pi 118 years Old Edition 7 x 6 Inches - Luang Phu Supar

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Top of the Range of 3 different Bucha Statues with Luang Phu Supar sitting upon a Money Spider, which holds two treasure sacks in its claws, one with silver, and one with gold. The Images were made in plain Loha Rom Dam (Sacred Bronze with Dark Oiled Matt Finish), Loha Rom Dam Ongk Tong (Sacred Bronze with Dark Oiled Matt Finish, and a Solid Gold Leaf Coated Monk Image), and this Ongk Kroo masterpiece version in Loha Pid Tong Kam Tae (Sacred Bronze with full 24 K Gold Leaf Coating).

The Statues were released in the 2555 BE 'Aayu Yern 118 Pi' edition. They were made along with a full range of Buddha Statues, LP Supar Monk Coins, and a range of Jao Sua amulets. This edition is higly awaited and expected to become a classic edition for the rare celebration of a 118 year old master Guru Monk whos age allows us to still feel the living presence of a Monk who has lived and practiced with the great Arahants and Masters of the foregone Generation of Famous masters.

The Statue is complete in every anatomic detail and accurate with that of the spider, and is a most original and eyecatching piece of Sacred Buddhist Arts in itself. A true Masterpiece Bucha Statue, for Devotees of Luang Phu Supar to increase their Prosperity through Bucha, and recieving his Blessings.

Few of Luang Phu Supar's generation of Masters still Live, and Luang Phu Supar is one of those few Great Monks of Legendary Times who is still with us. The edition has been well documented and provisions against forgery through the various coding methods have been achieved. One of this Year's most important editions of amulets indeed.

Spider is 7 Inches Wide

The statue is a two piece work of Artisanry, and can be separated. The Spider itself has a hollow inner chamber wher you can place relics or sacred/valuable items if wished.

The Statue of Luang Phu Supar itself is filled with sacred powders and has a phial of sacred relics, and a Yantra foil inserted, Gold flakes (probably from the filings of restoration of some sacred Statue) are sprinkled into the powder base.

The Civara robe of Luang Phu has the Sacred Khom Agkhara lettering, saying the syllable 'NO', which indeed means 'no to danger, evil, poverty, sickness, theft....'

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