Luang Por Bun Gerd (Wat Khao Din)

Luang Por Gerd (official name 'Pra Kroo Udom Chaiyagij'), of Wat Khao Din (Chainat), is one of the continuing Lineage Masters of the Great Magical Guru Monk 'Luang Phu Sukh' of Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao. He has learned and mastered many Wicha which he recieved from the Lineage Masters, and is a Grand Master of traditional amulet and Ritual instrument empowerment. His amulets are of great beauty and quality, with exquisite design factors, and the power of his magical lineage is indisputably one of Thai Historys most hailed and accepted for its sacred power. Luang Por Gerd is  also a Looksit of the Lineage of Luang Por Opasi of Asrom Bang Mod and Luang Por Gop of Khao Sariga.