Luang Por Kong Wat Klang Bang Kaew 2555 Edition Wicha Jinda Manee Montr Amulets

Luang Por Kong - The Fourth Master in a Long Line of Adepts of the Wicha Jinda Manee Montr, Maha Sanaeh and Pokasap at its finest, and the Dtamra Legend of the Jao Sua Amulet for which all Masters of his Temple have become famous for continues its Historical trajectory with his special 2555 edition series in Sacred Brass Alchemical Artifact alloy with the most Famous Ya Wasana Jinda Manaee Sacred Powder filling in the rear face, and Takrut Inserts, following the development of Thai Buddhist Amulets as their design and interpretation changes in this, the 25th Century of Buddhism.

Rian Jao Sua

The Edition is spearheaded by the Thai Benjapakee Classic amulet 'Jao Sua' Klaew Klaad Kong Grapan maha Lap coin amulet, filled with Ya Wasana Jinda Manee Powders. and Takrut Inserts. made from Sacred Alchemical Brass and Bronze based Alloy.

Apart from the Jao Sua Amulet and the Making of Ya Wasana Jinda Manee Pellets, Wat Klang Bang Gaew is perhaps otherwise most famous for the Bia Gae Shell Amulet. The Wicha Bia Gae continues its Lineage development in this edition. with a new version in silver plated casing.

Bia Gae Gan Jon Mongkol Gan Pai (Shell to prevent Poverty and Evade Danger)

And as a special release, two very different and attractive amulets are also included in this edition;

Pra Laks Hnaa Tong Hnang Glong Dtaek

A very rare to find Pra Laks Hnaa Tong amulet with fine Lai Thai detailed Pra Laks face engraved on a piece of broken drumskin (of animal origin). Broken Drumskin is considered a powerful substance for Khmer Necromantic Sorcery.

Silver Takrut with a piece of Civara robe from Luang Por himself are attached to the rear face, the amulet is encased in a teardrop shaped gold plated waterproof casing.

A Masterpiece for those in the Public Relations or Performing Arts or Seduction Professions.

Takrut Riak Koo

Lastly, a Traditionally made and wrapped 'Takrut Riak Koo; (Mate calling amulet) with cord wrapping black lacquer finish and gold leaf blessing encased in a beautiful gold plated tubul;ar pendant casing. This is for those who are low on confidence to find a Husband or Wife, or someone to Love them.

Putta Pisek Blessing and Empowerment

The pouring (casting) Ceremony was performed first on 25th Auguust at wat Hlaem Rang Wonaram, so that the help of the Devas and the prayers of the needy monks there could assist in empowering the sacred metals, for this temple without an Uposadha that needs one in order to be able to Ordain Monks there, and for the Monks to perform their prayers in. The official permission from the Thai Sangha Administration for this edition was given to the abbot of wat Hlaem Wonaram. The amulets were then given conbtinuous blessings and empowerments until the Puttapisek Final Blessing was then Performed on the 11th September 2555 BE, with more than enough able Masters present to perform an seriously Adept Empowerment Ceremony.

Kata Bucha for Wicha Jinda Manee Amulets

The Legend of Bia Gae Amulet Making of Wat Klang Bang Gaew