Luang Por Phern Nang Pan 2537 BE - Nuea Tong Rakang (Temple Bell Brass) Wai Kroo Edition - Wat Bang Pra

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Rare and Collectible Sacred Coin of Hlwong Por Phern. "Nang Pan" edition (Nang Pan means to sit on the offering tray). Made in Buddhist Era 2537 this Medallion coin has Luang Por Phern of Wat bang Pra on the front and Yant Mongkut Pra Putta Jao on the rear side. The amulet has a numbered code on the back side.

Luang Por Phern Tidakuno (Wat Bang Pra) is the Greatest Sak Yant Guru Master Monk in all History, and is the Kroo Ba Ajarn of Wat Bang Pra. He is the Kroo Ba Ajarn of all Devotees of Sak Yant Thai Temple Tattoos who go to Wat Bang Pra to receive Sak Yant, and is known in Nakorn Chaisri as 'Taepa Jao haeng Lum Nam Nakorn Chaisri' "The Angel of the Waterlands of Nakorn Chaysri".

He was known for his great Metta, and for his great charitable deeds such as the building of the hospital, or the bridge over the river so the farmers could trade their wares more easily.

Luang Por Phern was the Grand Master of Sak Yant of Wat Bang Pra Temple, and is the focal point of Bucha and reverence for all Looksit of Sak Yant of the Wat Bang Pra Tradition. His great meritorious deeds are famous around the world, for his great Metta as well as of course the extrememly powerful magic which he wielded, and for which he is internationally famous for.
Sak Yant Masters of Fame and Grand Repute around Thailand can be seen to be devotees and students of the Lineage of Wat bang Pra and Luang Por Phern, and his legacy has brought Sak Yant tattooing to become an international phenomenon, which has brought Thai Buddhism and Thai Occult to the attention of millions of devotees around the world.

Luang Por Phern passed away on the 30th of May 2545 BE, leaving his Legacy of amulets, and sak yant tattoos to continue under the current Masters, of which there are now many who were apprenticed under Luang Por Phern, including Luang Pi Toy, Luang Pi Pant, Luang Pi Phaew, and of course the Grand Abbot of Wat Bang Pra; Luang Por Sam Ang. Luang Por Sam Ang now presides over the Wai Kroo for devotees of Sak Yant, but does not make Sak Yant anymore.

He has laid his sak yant stick down since he was called upon to perform sak yant for a very important member of the State Institution (it is not permitted to reveal who). When a Monk tattooes such an Important Personage, he is no longer allowed to tattoo lowly persons thereafter.
Kata Bucha Luang Por Phern

Use the Kata Aaratanaa Pra Kreuang, and the Kata for Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno, to charge power, and beseech blessings from Luang Por. Always hold Luang Por in your thoughts when praying and chanting to the locket, and beseech him for protection and Serm Duang Blessings.

Kata Aaratanaa Pra Krueang (youtube tutorial)

Wat Bang Pra is world famous for its yearly Wai Kroo Master Day ceremony to revere the Grand Master of Sak Yant 'Pra Udom Pracha Naat Luang Por Phern Tidtakunoe', and to bless the tens of thousands of Looksit who attend the ceremony.

Wat Bang Pra Luang Por Phern Tidtakuno Wai Kroo Ceremony

Every year the crowds enter spiritual trances as the Monks perform incantations, which is a mysterious and miraculous phenomenon for which the temple is famous for, and the power of the magic of Luang Por Phern is seen to be present in the ceremony.

Kho9ng Khuean spirit possession trance Wat Bang Pra Wai Kroo

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