Luang Por Sawai Hirisambpano - Wat Prasat Panom Rung


Luang Por Sawai is lovingly known by Locals of Buriram as 'Taepa Jao Haeng Khao Panom Rung' (Angel of Panom Rung Mountain). His amulets have been in the front line of the amulet scene for over a Decade and are amongst the most popular amulets of the National and International Amulet Scene. Some Masters come for a while and disappear again, but Luang Por sawai is of the Eternally Popular and Consistently powerful amulet makers, who hlod their own over the decades and show their merits by the fact that their amulets remain popular and powerful and withstand the test of many years. Luang Pors amulets have held their own and never decreased in popularity, rather, increased as time passes. A Great Master whose popularity has reached as far away as Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and Malaysia.