Luang Por Tuad sitting on Lek Lai Adamantine substance (Gold Painted) - Bucha Statue 4 x 3.8 x 2 Inches - Blessed by Luang Phu Khai, Luang Por Prohm, and other Khao or Master Monks

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Thailand's Sacred Image, Pra Luang Por Tuad Statue (this particular version is gold painted image), sitting on a rock of Lek Lai Kaya Siddhi Adamantine Substance from Por Tan Khai, Luang Por Prohm, Pra Ajarn Iad, and the Khao Or Masters. This piece is extremely rare due to the large size of the Lek Lai rock upon which Luang Por Tuad sits. Because of this fact, only two statues were made in this edition in the 6 inch wide size.

Sacred adamantine bucha statue of Luang Por Tuad (Wat Chang Hai), empowered by the great Khao Or master Por Tan Khai Wajasit of Wat Lam Nao in Nakorn Sri Tammarat. The statue features the famous monk LP Tuad, sitting in meditation on a solid piece of lek lai, which was taken from a holy cave in the northwest of Thailand.

It was then brought to south, where the famous Khao Or Masters gave the statue an additional blessing according to ancient tradition. Blessed and empowered by Por Tan Khai (Wat Lam Nao), Por Tan Kloi (Wat Phu Khao Tong), Luang Por Prohm (Wat Ban Suan), and a selection of some of the Top Khao Or masters, with full empowerment of Taewa Pisek and Putta Pisek.

The statue in itself is made from a sacred herbal resinous mixture of muan sarn collected from all lineage masters over decades, and have been used for this purpose.

This large piece of lek lai is a sacred kayasiddhi adamantine elemental, and as such it is very useful for increasing the chances of luck, like in activities such as lottery and gambling.

But first and foremost, the statue serves as a ritual object of worship. Thus, the image of Luang Phu, can be prayed to, for the purpose of asking blessings of protection and enhancement in one's meditation practice.

Hence, its magical characteristics and miraculous powers make this sacred adamantine bucha statue a most powerful item of invincibility and protective magic. which can also be used to increase good luck and good fortune.

Kata Chanting and how to Worship Lek Lai >>>

Kata Por Tan Khai

Por Tan Khai, who gave the primary blessings for this Bucha statue of his Mentor, is known for his love of chanting the kata Chinabanchorn - for this reason, the best way to Bucha Por tan Khai is to chant the Maha Namasakara 9namo tassa) 3 times, and then the Kata Chinabanchorn, with also if wished, the Kata for his Mentor por Tan Klai Wajasit.

Kata Chinabanchorn (History)

How to Chant the Chinabanchorn Kata (video and sound + text phonetics + English translation)

Above; LP Tuad and Lek Lai 'Pra Khan' sceptre knife, made in same edition. The LP Tuads were made as 5 - 6 inches (only 2 made!),  and in 2 Inch base (9 statues made only), the Lek Lai sceptre knives were made in 7 inch blades (only 1 made!) 5 inch blade (only 1 made!) and 2.5 inch blade (only 15 made in total).

Below; Por Tan Khai performs Solo Empowerment on the Bucha statues at Wat Lam Nao before the final Mass Blessing Ceremony.

Kata Bucha Luang Por Tuad (Wat Chang Hai)

Namo Potisadto Aakandtimaaya Idti Pakawaa

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