Ma Yern Saep Nang 59 Dton Ongk Kroo 5 Takrut Na Dork Tong + Bone Piece - Prasobgarn 57 Edition - Lersi Akaradech

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Ma Yern Saep Nang Prai 59 Dton - Nuea Pong Prai 59 Dton Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version with 5 variations of Takrut Na Dork Tong The Ma Yern Saep Nang Prai is a form of Ma Saep Nang where the Horse is standing up erect on two legs, and consummating nuptials with a Nang Prai Deva.

This is the Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version which has a double dose of all the special Maha Sanaeh herbal and sorcerous ingredients, and differs also from the standard version with 5 Takrut Na Dork Tong 12 Jampuak. A piece of 'Chin Aathan' bone from a Prai Ghost is inserted into the rear face, which is one of the most powerful Necromantic Sorcery ingredients possible for Prai Amulets.

Its powers include not only the power of Kama Sutra Sex Magick and Seduction, but also the power of Prai Grasip to convince the ruling Devas of the Gambling Dens to look to your favor when rolling the dice, dealing out the cards, and spinning the wheels.

The Ma Yern Sap Nang Sacred Pra Powders amulet is made with a very highly concentrated (hence the coarse rough texture of the sacred powder surface of the amulet) mixture of powerful magickal ingredients;

The Prai Bone powders of 59 Hoeng Prai Ghosts are mixed with the powders of 59 Pong In Prai, and 59 Nang Prai Ghosts, Pong Prai Kumarn Tong from 59 Kumarns, and grund together with an extremely rich combnation of herbal Muan Sarn, including Paya Wan Dork Tong Powders mixed with Wan Ha Roi Nang (500 Maidens Herb).

In continuaton, all five kinds of Wan Sanaeh Jantr were added, with Wan Sau Hlong, Kruea Roi PLa vine, Powderd Ban Neng Forhead bone carving of a Nang Prai Ghost from Kampuchea, Prai Luead Blood Herb, Pong Kork Kan Pong Prai, five Sariga Bird nests powders, Earths from 7 Cemeteries.

The Takrut Na Dork Tong Sipsong Jampuak (12 Golden Flower Devas inside the Takrut) are inserted into the rear face and embellished with Khmer Spell inscriptions in Khom Agkhara, empowered with Ancient Necromantic Incantations, with Invocations Summoning Spells of Ancient Dark Arts Sorcery of Khmer Maha Sanaeh Magic.

About In Ma Saep Nang Deva

There is a Fable that there was once a family who had a very beautiful daughter. This family reared horses for a living, and their horses were famous for their incredible beauty. The daughter took care of the horses every day until one day she felt intense desire for the horse she had become attached to, and consummated her desires with the horse (had sex with it).

When the family found out about the event, they were incredibly offended and angry, and they killed the horse which the daughter had been caring for and had sex with. The daughter heard of this, and became so sad, that she died of a broken heart, from sorrow for loss of her horse and lover.

The ancient Kroo Ba Ajarns of Old believed that this particular horse had an incredible power of Maha Sanaeh (charm and attraction). So strong indeed, that even a Human Woman could fall in love with it and allow it to have sexual contact.

For this reason the In Ma Saep Nang is an extremely powerful love charm, and that whoever carries it will certainly have the charming effect on others around him or her.

Is the In Koo for Men Only?

The In Koo can be worn and used by both Men and Women, and can be used to seduce, and to increase sexual pleasures during the act of making love. It can also be used for gambling to seduce the ruling Devas of the Gambling Dens

For Choke Lap wealth increase, place the In Koo inside a money bowl or savings box. Before you put or remove any money from the box, you must tap or knock on the side of the container with the same hand you shall be using to remove or place money in the box with.

Chant the Kata 7 times before putting your hand inside the container. It is said that if you do this regularly, that money will never cease to flow. Those who perform this well will find time to sit and meditate and chant the Kata whilst tapping on the container. About 5 minutes each time is enough.

Kata In Ma Yern Saep Nang

Na Mo Puttaaya Na Ma Pa Ta Ma A U Idtipiso Pakawaa Arahang Samma Samputto Na Mo Puttaaya Na Cha Na Ka (3 times)

Dtae Dtii Dtu Dta Nia Mia Pia Tia (3 times whilst holding the Kroo Ba Ajarn of Saiyasart (Lersi) in your mind and calling them to bestow powerful magick.

This Kata Tutorial is available as an MP4 Dowbload from the files tab in your account here after purchase. You can also practise it in the above soundcloud podcast here.

Kata In Koo (Perm Sap/Increase Wealth)

Om Raachaa Taewaa Swaahome Om Taewee Maama Jidt-Dtang Arahang Swaahome

Kata for the In Koo of Kroo Ba Nandta

Om Laluay Maha Laluay Nguay Ngong Jong Jai Rak Goo Hmuean Dang Chang Rak Ngaa Hmuean Pla Rak Nam Hmuean Khaw Orn Hai Hmuean Fai Orn Maw – then say; “Ai + Name of person you wish to charm” (Ai for Man or Ee for a woman) – Rak Goo Yaa La Om Sitti Swaaha Swaahome Na Ma Pa Ta (Chant 3 to 9 times and then blow on the In Koo amulet)

Kata for In Ma, In Koo, and In Rak

Na Rampeung Mo Kid Terng Put Norn Midtem Dtaa Taa Rong Hai Turon Turay Ya Hai Ma Haa Goo Putto Laluay Tammo Laluay Sangko Laluay Jid-ti Nimid-ti Aehi Jidtang Biyang Ma Ma

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