Mae Bper Aathan Maha Sanaeh Dtua Kroo - Pure Prai Necromantic Powders in Nam Man Prai Oil with Sacred Herb - Ajarn Prodt Samnak Phu Sanaeh Kobutra

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Mae Bper Prai Deva in Nuea Pong Prai Luan, from master of the Forbidden Arts, Ajarn Prodt, of the Samnak Phu sanaeh Kobutra.

The amulet is formed from Pure Prai Maha Sanaeh powders made from mortal remains from a Hoeng Prai Ghost, with Necromantic Funereal Earths, Ashes and Prai Oils from the Crematorium Sump. The amulet is consecrated in Necromantic Nam Man Prai Tang Glom, sacred Oil from the corpse of a Hoeng Prai Phii Dtaay Tang Glom (Ghost of a Mother who died in pregnancy).

The Mae Bper is an extremely powerful Deity for Good Business, Improved Social and Love Life. Auspicious Causes for successful business, Charm and Attraction power in all walks of Life. Mae Bper is an effigy in the form of a woman sitting in the act of childbirth.

She is in great pain. The Mae Bper is in the posture of giving birth, which represents the great sacrifice of a Mother to give up her blood, body and mind to her children and those she loves. This also represents plentiful provisions, for the mother gives food and sustenance and support to her children.

This is the highest form of Metta possible and makes those who approach feel total selfless compassion and generosity, and helpfulness. The ancient Masters created this Animist magical assistant for increasing luck and wealth, and protecting against black magic and evil entities, ghosts and demons.

It is necessary to have truly mastered the Wicha of Mae Bper in order to make one of these effigies really work, which is why only few Masters produce this kind of magic charm. In the Khmer belief, it is held that the Mae Bper Deity is the greatest form of Metta with great power to win over your enemies to friends, attract customers, and admirers of both sexes.

This amulet is Empowered with the Invocations of the Akarn 32, Maha Phuudt, and the Kata Riak Taat See, Hnun Taat See, Pluk Taat See, the Nibbana Sutta, in adherence with the Ancient Formulas Mastered by Ajarn Prodt through the Grimoires of the Kroo ba Ajarn

She is also possessed with the Hoeng Prai Spirit which has power to convince the ruling Devas of the Gambling Tables, and to call lucky windfalls in Lottery (Maha Lap). For those who wish to use the amulet as a love charm to find the love (or solution) to their life, the Mae Bper is a very subtle but powerful tool for increasing the chances of Love and Attraction occurring in your chosen target.

The Deity is made with Sacred Necromantic Prai powders, immersed in powerful Nam Man Prai Phii Dtaay Tang Glom oil, which increases the potency, and amplifies the raidance of Metta the more you pray and make Bucha to the Deity. Empowered further with additional magic herbs added to the Nam Man Prai Oils within the encased amulet, to further imbue potency and increase Maha Lap, Maha Sanaeh, Metta Maha Niyom, and Maha Pokasap Power to call Wealth, Gambling Luck, Mercy Charm and Seductive Influence.

Mae Bper is a Prai Spirit and will perform your wishes without any particular 'special Kata' which is one reason why amulets of this type became so popular in the first place. If you are however, of the disposition that prefers a more complex ritual of Bucha, you can perform similar offerings to that for the other types of Prai Spirit Deities.

Kata for Bucha to Mae Bper

So Sa A Ni So Sa A Ni Sa A Ni So A So A So Ni Ni Sa A So Ni So A So A Ni Yo Sa A A Ni So Sa Sa Ma Su

Kata Riak Mae Bper

Jijeruni Jidtang Jaedtasigang iibpang Nimidtang – 'Mae Bper' – Aakajchaahi Aehi Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa

Kata for giving calling to receive food and drink offerings

Offer whisky (one small glass), Light one stick of incense, and chant the following Kata;

Yanginji Jidtang Itawaa Arungwaa Pochanangwaa Punchandti Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa

Kata for Invocation of the Maha Phuudt

Om U-U A-A Mahaa Phuudtaa Bpariphuudtae Phuudtiwae Sandti Na Ma Maa Maa

Kata Bucha Mae Nang Prai

I-Ta Tu-Sa Ma-So-o

Because Mae Bper Is a Prai Spirit, you should feed it regularly (once a week or so) with similar offerings as to the Hun Payont, Kumarn Tong, and Mae Takian Deities. To increase your intuition about how to revere the Mae Bper with more intricacy, please read the following articles;

Nang Prai Phii Thai - Ghosts and Necromantic Spirits

Kata and Bucha methods for Reanimated Spirits (Hun Payont, Mae Takian, Nang Prai)

Powerful Khmer Sorcery from Lay Sorceror and Lersi, Ajarn Prodt of the Samnak Phu Sanaeh Kobutra Ashram. Ajarn Prodt is a reclusive Hermit Sorceror, who focuses on using undiluted pure Muan Sarn Sacred Ingredients, and whose amulets are now the source of furor with Devotees around the world. Ajarn Prodt is currently one of Thailand's most famous Lay Necromancers, and did have a large Samnak, but is now gone underground after coming into the Public Eye and being picked on by the local officials for practicing Sorcery. He prefers to return to keeping a low profile, and for this reason, is amulets have now become very rare to find, unless you have a direct line to Ajarn Prodt.

He uses the finest Herbal, Elemental and Necromantic Muan Sarn, to produce the most authentic formulas, according to the Ancient Magickal Grimoires of the Dtamra of Wicha Saiyasart. He adheres to the use of only the rarest and most powerful Muan Sarn, along with adherence to all the lengthy methods of empowerment, and Incantations, which are demanded by the Ancient Formulas of Occult Sorcery.

Special Kata for all Amulets of Maha Sanaeh Variety from Ajarn Prodt;

Hee Ho Hae Haa

His amulets are only made in small numbers, with each amulet being individually empowered, and remaining faithful to the olden days methods, which are very lengthy, but are the most powerful and authentic.

His amulets range from the affordable to the incredibly expensive, depending on the item in question. Some of his Spells and Amulets are one-only hand made items, which use the highest concentration of Muan Sarn Sarn, and carry a heavy price. Remember, all amulets work from your collaboration and Bucha, and should be well cared for and nurtured, if you wish them to work well and with powerful effects. One should never expect to just neglect the amulet and expect it to work its Magick for us, and we should always be mindful to Bucha the amulet regularly as directed, to ensure the full power and benefits received.

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