Mae Bper Jao Sap - Nuea Pised Fang Takrut (special rich mix powders with Takrut) - Prai Deva Spirit Gambling amulet - Luang Phu Ta Analayo - Wat Pha Kong Kam Chee (Kalasin) Only 399 made

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Mae Bper Pra Spirit amulet for Gambling and Business, made from extra rich Prai Powders, with one Gold Takrut insert. Men or Woment can use this Maha Sanae/Siang Choke charm and gambling amulet.

Luang Phu Ta is the only Master in Thailand to currently hold the Wicha Mae Bper of the Famous Khmer Master, Ajarn Prai. As Luang Phu Ta wandered on Tudong (solitary forest wandering), and entered into the Khmer territories, he met one of the greatest Khmer Magicians and masters of the Wicha Mae Bper, Ajarn Prai.

He asked to become an apprentice to him in the Prai magical Wicha, and studied the practice under this Master for a period of Three years. The Mae Bper is an image of a Woman squatting and giving Birth, in great pain.

The Mae Bper is Pure Metta, which is demonstrated by the metta of a Mother giving Birth. The power of this amulet is used for Bringing Luck in Gambling, market speculation (gold or other stock shares), Lottery games. You must carry the Mae Bper with you into the Game each time at the Casino, to attain successful winnings and prosper continuously.

Using the Mae Bper for improving Business;

If the place of Business is too quiet, then you can take the Mae Bper in your hand and chant the Kata, and then knock on the table three times, and place the Mae Bper to the front of the Shop. The custom will begin flowing towards your business and entering to purchase your wares, services or otherwise. To make the amulet work properly, you must give alms to the Sangha and offer fruits of those Merits to share with the Mae Bper as well. She will reward you with Riches.

Making Enchanted Sacred Water with the Mae Bper

Immerse the Mae Bper in a clean bowl of water, and chant Maha Namasakara (Namo tassa) 3 Times. Then Chant the Kata Mae Bper, and spray the water over the things you wish to sell in your shop, or spray over your own clothes which you will wear tyo the casino, racetrack, or other place of risk entertainment.

Various Devotees of Luang Phu Ta have raced back to the Temple to tell of the immense success after making Bucha to this amulet. One lady shopkeeper said she sold out in one continuous day, a lady of the night said she had so many customers that she is now able to feed and help all her relatives. A compulsive Gambler told that he not only made money but won a gold chain, a watch and a car, and has had repeated lottery wins. Luang Phu has empowered the Mae Bper using the Wicha of the Great Khmer Masters, and the Akarn 32  Incantation to invoke life into the effigy. She was then immersed in 9 different kinds of potent Metta oils and given the respective Incantations for each oil. Then they were taken to a forest cemetery at night and empowered with the full incantational ceremonial method of the Khmer Wicha Mae Bper.Only 399 Ongk Kroo versions with takrut were made, along with another 799 without extra rich powder and Takrut.

Offerings and Bucha;

Offer Lao Khaw (white whisky or similar) Spray some perfume or aromatic oil on the Mae Bper (if you wish it to work the best you should use the special 'Nam Man Na Won Wien' oil from LP Ta, to smear on it).

Kata Mae Bper

Ma Ni Ma Nang Mahaa Bper Kandti Jidt Dtang Phuudti Maami Yandtang Maama Maa Maa Maa Ma Maa Maa

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