Mae Bper Prai Deity - Nuea Mai Paya Ngiw Dam (hand carved magical tree with ruling Deva) - with Chin Aathan piece attached and Ghost Mouth takrut in Prai oil - Por Hnaan Singkhorn

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Mae Bper Dtit Chin Aathan Chae Nam Man Prai Maha Sanaeh - Nuea Mai Paya Ngiw Dam (black Ngiw tree wood which has a powerful ruling Prai deva spirit which embodies the amulets). Made by elusive Master Por Hnaan Singkhorn, the only remaining Master of some of the Oldest and otherwise lost and forgotten Wicha of Ancient times.

This extremely powerful mae Bper amulet is soaked in Prai Oils and has a piece of Chin Aathan attached for forcing certain successful influence in luck, fortune and attraction. Chin Aathan is a Prai Magic - a piece of relic (bodily remains, such as bone, blood, tooth, skin) of a poor Man who drowned to death on a Saturday and was Cremated on a Tuesday (or the other way around if a Woman), which is a very powerful combination of events to make magic for riches and luck, and love and attraction (enchantment magic).

Size; 3.5 x 2.3 Cm inside the case

Chin Aathan and Ban Neng

Chin Aathan (and 'Ban Neng'), is a powerful and useful agent for both those who have been hit with black magic or have bad karma, and who dont seem to be able to get even the best amulets to do more than just a little improvement for them, due to 'Toraniyasarn';

Some things we carry over from our Karmic Rebirths, are very hard for the amulets to overwhelm, and magic influences from the past. Some people may have a certain must or aroma for example, that is not consciously noticeable, but that affects customers and social friends to the point where one can not find any popularity at all. In this case, the Chin Aathan is like snake serum, you counter one thing with a little of the same - 1+1 = 0 in this case.


Maha Sanaeh, Maha Niyom, Choke Lap and Pokasap magic spells were performed with various incantations to invoke the elements and ruling powers to imbibe the amulets with their powers.

Then Sacred Yantra foils were given inscriptions with silver Takrut Phaag Phii, made from the silver coins from the corpses mouth, with the Sacred Na Maha Sanaeh Yantra spell of the ancient Lanna Magical Tradition. This is visible in the rear side of the amulet.

The Prai Oils used to immerse and charge the Mae Bper in include 'Nam Man Sek', 'Nam Man Wan Maha Sanaeh', and 'Nam Man Aathan' (similar to Chin Aathan but liquid form)

This amulet is powerful for the folowing purposes

  1. Love Charm (Both sexes and Gays of both sex)
  2. Business improver, sales increase
  3. Lottery and Gambling, Speculative Risk
  4. Protect against Black Magic
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