Mae Hoeng Prai Takian Tong Ongk Kroo 2 Takrut 4 Ploi Sek & In Koo Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa

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Special Top Range Ongk Kroo Pim B2 Masterpiece Version of the Mae Nang Ta-Khian Tong Hoeng Prai Deva amulet with In Koo in Nuea Pong Sud Yord Pised Hlueang, a complex admixture of sacred powders, including Pong Lob from inscriptions of the Yant Nang Mae Takian, and insertion of the Takrut Mae Takian Tong, and the sacred Pong Mai Takian and Mai Marum powders.

The amulet has an In Koo Symbiotic Devas of Love inserted into the rear face, two Takrut spells with the Hua Jai Mae Takian and Hua Jai In Koo, and four Ploi Sek Enchanted Gemstone.

The amulet is embellished with 4 Ploi Sek Maha Pokasap Wealth and Treasure attracting enchanted Gem, 2 silver Takrut inserted and imbued. Further empowered with the insertion of an In Koo Deva of Love Loi Ongk Statuette, for Metta, Maha Saneh, Jerajaa Kaa Khaay, and Lovebinding. Released and blessed by Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa, in the year 2558 BE.

A Purely Seductive Enticement Orientated amulet with Maha Lap, Siang Choke, Maha Sanaeh and Metta Maha Mahaniyom Magick is instilled within the Nang Mae Takian of Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa, containing the seductive power of Nang Takian Tong, whose powers of enchantment are legendary, and carry thousands of folk tales of the lady-ghost enticing and enchanting people lost in the forest, who enter the vicinity of the tree she inhabits. Considered one of the most powerful Thai Ghosts and Devas.

Free registered airmail shipping is included with this item, no weights will be calculated. Empowered with the invocations of Nang Pra Mae Ya Takian, and Maha Sanaeh spells. This amulet is one of various models released in different types and levels of concentration of Muan Sarn Powders, and released in Wai Kroo along with a number of different kinds of Mae Nang Ngueak Mermaids, and various versions of the Mae Hoeng Prai amulets, plus a range of other limited small edition amulets, which included a large number of different types of Wicha, but only a few amulets of each different type were made, making each and every amulet an original hand blessed amulet.

Indeed, no two amulets are exactly the same, due to the hand inscriptions and hand insertion of Muan Sarn and sacred items such as Takrut, Ploi Sek Gems and the like. Ajarn Oe's amulets are always highly varied but only made in very small numbers, and are highly prized by his devotees. Also on a more worldly level, the amulets of Pra Ajarn Oe, are one of the popular genres of the serious modern era amulet collector, to try to collect and encompass as many of his different original amulets as possible. Obsessive collectorship exists in the amulet world just as it does in any other niche, or genre, of essential rarity collection.

Thai people revere the Ta-Khian tree for the ability of the Lady Deva spirit within it to be able to reveal lottery numbers. When a Ta-Khian tree is found under the ground or under the water, buried since thousands of years, Thai Buddhists will raise the tree and bring it to a temple, and dress it in colored ribbons, light incense, make offerings to the Mae Nang Ta-Khian Deva Ghost, and ask her to reveal lottery numbers (source; Buddha Magic TV).

Kata Bucha Wadthu Mongkol Pra Ajarn Oe

Jidti Midti Arahang Midtae Paa Hu Ha Dti Ja Bpa Ka Ja Bpa Ka Ja Bpa Ka

(keep repeating 'Ja Bpa Ka' many times until you feel the power rising).

Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa is a Major Influence in Leading Position in the new movement of Thai Occult Amulet makers, with a vast array of original and powerful amulets made with Ancient Traditional Wicha, and presented in a very personal and original fashion. He is an Internationally Preferred Ordained Master for Thai Occult Charms. His amulets are always changing and released in small Numbers, making each edition a Rarity and a Sacred Object which can only increase in Value both Spiritually and Materially.

Please note; the color of gemstones may differ from the picture due to the fact that each amulet was made using hand insertion, and each amulet differs slightly in which color gems were inserted.

The Mae Ya Nang Takian Tong is very popular amulet with Gamblers, Lottery Players, Sales Persons and Business Owners, to attract and increase wealth, be it by speculative risk, or good business with the power of attraction. Mae Nang Prai Ta-khian Tong has been considered for centuries to be one of the most psychically powerful of all tree spirits, and is highly prone to make shows of her powers without much need of convincing. Thai people revere the Ta-Khian tree for the ability of the Lady Deva spirit within it to be able to reveal lottery numbers.

Below; Sacred Ma Ya Nang Ruea Takian (Hopeus Odorata). The Takian Tree is a large tree reaching up to 45 m in height with the base of the trunk reaching a diameter of 4.5 m. It grows in forests, preferably near rivers, at altitudes between 0 and 600m. Valued for its wood, it is a threatened species in its natural habitat, and is forbidden to cut down in the present day in Thailand.

When a Ta-Khian tree is found under the ground or under the water, buried since thousands of years, Thai Buddhists will raise the tree and bring it to a temple, and dress it in colored ribbons, light incense, make offerings to the Mae Nang Ta-Khian Deva Ghost, and ask her to reveal lottery numbers. They will then proceed to examine the surface of the tree to see if any number stand out. The strange thing is the extremely high coincidence of lottery winners who take numbers from Ta-Khian trees.

Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa is now in his fully fledged era of his trajectory in Wicha and amulet making, and has attained a highly respected status over the last decade for his amulets. Their value is expected to increase steadily and rapidly as each edition is released, is snatched up by his many Looksit, and disappear from the Marketplace.He has established a highly respectable reputation for his powerful amulets over the last decade and half, and is now considered one of the most adept monks of the new era, with perhaps the largest compendium of Wicha. He makes many different kinds of amulets, but only ever in very small limited edition numbers, and using the finest Muan Sarn Sacred ingredients.

Pra Ajarn Oe's amulets are made in small quantities, remaining faithful to ancient Magical traditional substances and empowerment methods, and this is a large part of what has caused his amulets to reach worldwide international popularity.

Ajarn Oe has proved himself to be an adept of more Master Wicha than many Ajarns can Master in a whole lifetime. With still a long Future ahead of him, and considering the very small numbers made of his original method amulets, we can expect his Trajectory to become one of those which become legendary, and that his amulets will be both revered, and treasured for many Future Generations to come. He is a looksit of the Lineage of Kroo Ba Ajarn of Pra Ajarn Kong (Supannburi), who was the legendary Master Kroo Ba Ajarn of Khun Phaen himself.

Prai Devas are popular with those seeking fast action and success in Gambling, in preference to Praying to Higher Celestial Deities such as Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu or the other Deities, for Some Higher Devas have indeed more potential powers, than nature spirits, but such Heavenly Devas do not make a habit of showing off their powers as much as Mae Nang Prai, and thus only perform miracles when absolutely necessary. Prai Ghosts and Elemental Devas such as the Mae Nang Ta-khian Tong however, still possess the attitude that likes to make impressive displays of power.

Kata Hua Jai Pra Apitam for Increasing Good Fortunes

Sang Wi Taa Bu Ga Ya Ba

The Kata Hua Jai Pra Apitam (Abhidhamma Heart Mantra), is the Recommended Method of appeasing and pleasing the Mae Nang Prai and any Prai Devas, is to play, or chant it to the Deva, and listen to and contemplate the Abhidhamma

Kata Riak (Summon) Mae Nang Prai

Jijeruni Jidtang Jaedtasigang iibpang Nimidtang – 'Mae Nang Prai' – Aakajchaahi Aehi Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa


When making offerings, give make-up, perfume, lipstick, fruits and spicy food, water, sweet drinks, incense and flowers.

Kata Bucha Mae Nang Ta-Khian Tong

Aehi Jidt-Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Puttang Nam Maa Seung Ngern Tammang Nam Maa Seung Tong Sangkang Nam Maa Seung Sing Khong Maa Ma Maa Maa Mae Dtakian Tong

(then focus your wish and hold it steady in your mind for a moment, and ask the Mae Takian Tong to help you get your wish).

Kata for giving calling to receive food and drink offerings

Yanginji Jidtang Itawaa Arungwaa Pochanangwaa Punchandti Aehi Na Ma Pa Ta Na La Poo Dtaa

Kata for Offerings to Thai Ghosts and Devas

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