Mae Nang Manee Jindaa Hnaa Tong Kam - Golden Face Nature Spirit Prai Deva - Ajarn Apichai Decha

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The Mae Nang Manee Jindaa Hnaa Tong Kam from Ajarn Apichai Decha is constructed of sacred sorcerous eaths of 7 jungle cemetaries, 9 funeral pyres and the Prai bone ash of those who have died an unnatural or violent death and the 108 powdered sacred herbs of Maha Sanaeh as well as the Nam Man oils of the same.

Ajarn Apichai Decha consecrated this amulet with the divine power of Mae Nang Manee with 'Maha Sanaeh' charm and attractiveness, 'Metta Maha Niyom' kindness, compassion and admiration with and with the goal of bettering ones horoscope.

With this amulet one can expect a great admiration from others due to Mae Nang Manee's seduction. Man, woman or Ladyboy (transsexual) can utilize the M

Mae Nang Manee Jinda

ae Nang's power to attract whomever they so desire as well as calling back former lovers once lost.

Only a few dozen of these were made. Code number on base can vary from that in the image, contact us per email if you lay importance on which number and whish to choose, and ask us which numbers we have available in store.

The Mae Nang Manee lends her powers of compassion to help the owner in the areas of 'Chok Lap' luck and fortune for gamblers and lottery winnings as well as calling to riches. For business owners or anyone in trade the effects of 'Kaa Kaai' success in business and ease of transactions is duly rewarded.

Mae Nang Manee Jinda

Due to the Mae Nang Manee Jindaa Hnaa Tong Kam's necromantic sorcery and divine invocation she works as a kind of 'Prai Grasip' Ghost wisperer to ensure that those who take risks with fate or gambling, do so with the good intuitive advice that she provides. She will protect against dangers and forwarn the owner of forseeable mishaps.

Size of amulet; 3.8 x 2 x 3.2 Cm

The Mae Nang Manee is a very giving deity who she herself wishes to be venerated and accepted and so in doing, she works to grant nearly any wish one may have in order to satisfy the desires of her master. She can be venerated with flowers, perfumes, sweets as well as jewelry, treat her as you would any woman who is a lover or good friend and she will return the favor.

Mae Nang Manee Jinda Necromantic Prai Deva

The amulet is rectangular in shape similar to the Pra Somdej form, with Mae Nang Manee Jindaa Hna Tong Kam's bust complete with Hna Tong golden face of divine Maha Sanaeh and Metta Maha Niyom and hand inscribed Khom Angkara incantations.

Mae Nang Prai Manee Jinda Necromantic Prai Deva

The rear of the amulet displays the richness of the sacred muan sarn powder mixture and is consecrated with hand inscribed Khom occult lettering. This amulet is composed of a very soft and porous sacred powder Muan Sarn, due to the heavy dose of necromantic ashes and earths which are loosely combined and left in their crude formula. This adheres to the ancient methods of Sacred powder amulet making in Thai and Khmer necromancy.

Kata: (Namo3x)

Aehi Jittang Jidt Dta Pantang Pakini Mae Jittang Pantang Bpiyang Ma Ma U A Ga Sa Na Cha Li Dti

(Keep in mind your wishes while intoning the Kata)

Mae Nang Prai Manee Jinda

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