Mae Sethee (Wealthy Lady Merchant with good sales) 'Ruay Sap Ruay Sanaeh' Edition 2554 BE - + Lek Lai Dood Sap - Pra Ajarn Oe Putto Raksa - Samnak Puttasathaan Wiharn Tam (Petchaburn)

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The Mae Sethee image is made from Muan sarn Maha Lap maha Metta, Pong Wan Pokasap. The rear face has a piece of sacred Lek Lai Dood sap inserted in the rear face. The amulet is immersed and charged in Nam Man Sethee Luang (Royal Millionaire Oil). Released along with a large array of other amulets  for the 'Ruay Sap Ruay Sanaeh' Edition 2554 BE

The rear face has a yantra Foil spell inserted with the heart Mantra of the Millionaire (Hua Jai Maha Sethee), and one piece of Lek Lai Dood Sap, empowered with spells to pull money and possessions in.  The Prai Spirit is bound with Daay Daeng Akom (magical red thread for binding spells).

Dimensions; 4 x 3 Cm (5 x 4 Cm in the casing)

It is Maha Sanaeh magic to the opposite sex, and a powerful prosperity and riches magnet. Pra Ajarn Oe's Wicha is becoming ever more noticeable as he increases his Adepthood at an ever accelerating rate. The massive collection of spells he has masterd is indeed incredible. He has made a successful edition this time with the Mae Sethee and Por Sethee amulets for riches and Maha sanaeh attraction. This amulet is most apt both for salespersons and Business owners as well as for those seeking a partner in Love. Shopkeepers will fund this amulet especially useful and effective in making a high sales quota. Both por and Mae Sethee can be used by either sex, but with varied effects. You can perhaps try both types of amulets individually depending on your needs.

Kata Bucha Mae Sethee

Mamaa Haa Hii Imaa I-I Jidt Manoonyang Maa Na Maa Maa Pantanang Bpiyang Ma Ma

Chant 7 times, or more if you wish. Mp3 Sound Tutorial is included in the files tab of your account for immediate download after purchase.


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