Mae Tong Soi (Mae Bper) 'Ongk Kroo' - Prai Spirit Deity - 'Dtid Chin Aaathan' Prai Mortal remains attached - Ajarn Wara 2548 BE

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The Famous and Truly Necromantic Mae Tong Soi Prai Deity from Ajarn Wara's 2548 BE Batch, immersed in Nam Man Dork Tong Aathan charm oil from Ajarn Wara's famous first ever batch of Prai Oil. This version is the 'Ongk Kroo' Masterpiece Special version with a piece of Chin Aathan (bodily relic from a Prai Spirit), of which only a very few were made at all. This amulet was made in slightly larger numbers without a piece of Chin Aathan atached for a lower price.

Chin Aathan and Ban Neng

Chin Aathan (and 'Ban Neng'), is a powerful and useful agent for both those who have been hit with black magic or have bad karma, and who dont seem to be able to get even the best amulets to do more than just a little improvement for them, due to 'Toraniyasarn' (some things we carry over from our Karmic rebirths) are very hard for the amulets to overwhelm, and magic influences from the past.

Some people may have a certain must, or aroma for example, that is not consciously noticeable, but that affects customers and social friends to the point where one can not find any popularity at all. In this case, the Chin Aathan is like snake serum, you counter one thing with a little of the same - 1+1 = 0 in this case.

Mae Tong Soi Ajarn Wara Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version

So the Chin Aathan is a very good last resort when your amulets dont seem to be able to break out and do their work properly and your personal Karma is making it difficult for them to help. The Chin Aathan will douse out the inauspicious factors so that the Prai Oils and the Deity of the Mae Tong Soi (Mae Bper) can do its work unhindered.

If a person does not have these obstacles blocking their way with amulets, then the Mae Tong Soi with Chin Aathan will have a very powerful effect and noticeable fast results, far above the effects of the same amulet without a piece of Chin Aathan. It condenses and intensifies the potency of the magic. Chin Aathan is perhaps one of the most powerful prai Magical methods for empowering amulets of the Maha sanaeh variety. 'Gae Aathan Gan Kunsai' the amulet also protects against black magic, due to its supernatural spirit within the effigy being powerful enough to fend off any black magic influences.

Used in ther Mercantile and Amorous areas of Life. Good for improving selling power, as a love charm or aphrodisiac charm, and for chancing your luck (Gambling or speculating), as well as improving ones luck and fortune in general.

Muan Sarn; Pong Wan Maha Sanaeh and Pong Aathan (sacred powder mix of herbal pollens and Prai 'Hian' powders). 'Hian' Pra spirits means that they are the kind of spirit who possesses extremely powerful supernatural powers, and has a personality which likes to display and show its powers. Devas of the Heavenly variety tend not to display their powers except in the case of extreme necessity of a miracle, which is what makes the Pra and Hian spirit charm amulets extremely popular because of the fact that the Prai Spirit amulets are much more likely to show off their powers for the wearer than for pure Buddhist or Heavenly deity amulets, which tend to not use miracle power for everyday needs, rather for lifesaving or important events in ones life.

Mae Tong Soi (Ma Bper) Dtid Chin Aathan Bone Carving Ongk Kroo Masterpiece Version Ajarn Wara

The amulet has recieved animation using the four elements (Hnbun Taat see) and the Nipaana Sutta ad the Akarn 32 kata for bringing an animist effigy to life and inhabiting it with a Deva, or Prai Spirit.

Conditions and instructions for use;
All Prai and Kumarn Tong effigies, amulets and spells from Ajarn Wara do not carry any negative side effects due to the rearing and connecting with a Prai Spirit, because all the spirits which have inhabited the amulets were called up and asked if they were completely willing to enter the effigies and accumulate merits together with the Devotee of the Buddha who wears the amulet.

Mae Tong Soi in Nam Man Dork Tong Aathan Ajarn Wara

Kumarn and Prai devas are eager to get a chance to work with Humans to accumulate merits, because they have a much more increased chanct to accumulate merits in the Human world than in the Deva world, and this is why the symbiosis and mutual agreement between Prai devas and Human devotees is possible at all, for if not, a Deva would not normally be attracted to hanging out on this plane of existence at all. None of the Spirits in the amulets are there unwillingly.

The Prai have been animated and given their own individual life by aajarn wara, and even thoght the Master who made them may not be with us anymore, the Prai Spirits can still remain within the amulets, and survive. Even if they are left alone or the owner does not feed the spirit, the Prai can go and feed itself and survive,. If the owner then starts feeding it again, the Prai will return and stay within its effigy again and assist in increasing your luck, love and riches

The Mae Tong Soi amulet was one of Ajarn Wara's most successful and powerful amulets, and also the hardest to find, along with his Phu Jao saming Prai in oil deities, and Phu Jao lockets. His Nam Man Prai (Prai Oils) enjoy the reputation of being one of the top ten Prai Oils in existence.

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