Mai Kroo Taw Maha Prohm Pragasit (Brahma Wand) - Run Prohmsethee (Brahma Millionaire edition) 13 Inches long - Luang Por Bun Gerd Bandito - Wat Khao Din (Chainat)

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Lung Por Bun gerd learned Wicha as a Looksit of Luang Phu Sukh (Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao), and used this wicha to create a four faced Brahma Deity statuette for auspicious blessings and protection, and increase the positive results in life using the power of Metta Mahaniyom. Size; 13 Inches long.

The Brahma is facing in all four Cardinal directions, causing frends, helpful offers, customers and money to flow from all directions towards you. If you notice in Thailand, Brah,a statues are always placed at intersections or in places where public gatherings are. This is because the Brahma Deity shrine will attract people from all four directions, due to the immense Metta which radiates from an activated and truly involed Brahma Deity. The Brahma Deity is made from sacred metals and filled with sacred powders. Hand inscibed spells are carved on the handle, along with the limited edition code number. The handle of the wand is made from sacred wood from a magical tree.

The Mai Kroo Brahma wand is endowed with the power to bless with Metta Mahaniyom and Pongan Pai magic, protecting from both physical and magical dangers, and increasing popularity and charm. People will feel friendly and helpful towards those with this blessing, riches will be easy to attain, as well as promotion in the profession, social and love life. Protection from accidents and inauspicious events will be afforded, as well as the Brahma magic being a powerful defense against ghosts, demons and evil spirits, who will be afraid to approach. This blessing is good to fend off backstabbers in the office for example.

The power to prevent inauspicious events, and the Metta Mahniyom aura improves Luck, and affords an easy path to improvement for those who are in a Moral profession. One rule is that for a profession to increase productivity, the profession must not be breaking one of the 5 Moral Precepts.

The wand is used to make incantations, mantras and spells with and endow upon peoples heads, in addition using it to inscribe sacred Na, Yantra and magical incantations. It can be used to performed Na Hnaa Tong gold leaf forehead blessing charm. it can be immersed in sacred powders to write on people, objects or doorways to houses. It can be used to point or do pressure points in places on the body which have received negative energy, or been inhabited by evil entities, and heal the area. Can be used to reduce aches and pains in the same way by pressing the point on the spot which hurts, and making prayers or incantations.

The wooden shaft of the wand has recieved hand made magical inscriptions in Khom Pali Sanskrit, and Powerful Incantations from Luang Por Bun Gerd.

Ghosts and Demons can be chased away and driven out of a house. It can be taken along on journeys and will protect with Klaew Klaad evasion magic. Take it with you on business or going out selling, it will improve your sales quota and increase customers. If thunder storms are present, the wand will prevent you from being struck by lightning. You must raise your concentration and focus on Lord Brahma, and chant his prayer in your heart, and the wand will in this moment protect you from all dangers however great. The wand makes other animals and beings (including spirit beings) afraid to come near and cause harm. To use for Bucha on the altar and ask to fulfil wishes; Offer red and yellow flowers will bring successful results Chant this Kata Prahmmaa Jidt Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Prahmmaa Jidt Dtang Bpiyang Ma Ma Na Maedtaa Mo Garunaa Put Bpranii Taa Yin Dee Ya Aen Duu Gae Khaapa Jao Na Ma Pa Ta - then chant; Na A I U (you can say 'Na A I U' 1, 3, 9, or 108 times)

You can use the wand and Kata also to make prayer water or sacred face powder (use talcum) and sprinkle your head and face with either. Always remember to chant Namo Tassa before any other Kata or Bucha offerings, and light three or five incenses, and two candles, to the Buddha Dhamma and Sandha first - give flowers too if possible, rice/fruits and water.

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