Mayurap Sagod Tap Hlang Hanuman Om Mueang - 2553 BE - Ajarn Somrach (Chiang Mai) - Waterproof Casing included

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This is one of Ajarn Somrachs latest masterpieces. The Yaksa Deity Mayurap with Hanuman on the rear face. The amulet is of course first quality craftsmanship as usual, along with having the great empowerment Puttapisek/Tewapisek blessing ceremonies for which those who know of Ajarn Somrach have come to respect so much. Despite the wonderful craftsmanship and beauty of Ajarn Somrachs amulets, you won't find many of them flying around the shops or the markets. This is due to the fact that Ajarn Somrach does not wish to attract too much attention, which would distract him from the intensity of his practice. Ajarn Somrach is a Venerable Laymaster who often works with Bhikkhus in Puttapisek ceremonies, for his ability is respected even by the Sangha.

Ajarn Somrach is a Master amulet maker and Ruesi whose amulets are highly sought after by the few who know of his Wicha, and the beauty and power of his Traditional Magic amulets. The Run Maha Baramee Prataat Chedi edition from last year (Khun Phaen and Pid Ta amulets) received much interest for the massive amount of sacred ingredients and the intensely powerful Puttapisek ceremonies which they were given.Mayurap Sagod Tap is another of the many Wicha for power, wealth, luck business and sexual attraction, which Ajarn Somrach is famous for.

A shy Master who avoids public interest, it is seemingly amazing how such powerful amulets with such great artistic and aesthetic beauty could slip by the eyes of the amulet collector world. This is of course what Ajarn Somrach intends, for he wishes to continue his diligent practice without too much public attention, and als shys away froom commercialism, preferring to provide top class quality magic amulets for distinguished collectors and devotees of Saiyasart.

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