Mitmor Lek Nam Pi Exorcist Knife - Ritual Dagger for Protection, Demon Banishing, Healing and Blessings - Disguised as Fountain Pen - Luang Phu Hongs

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Mitmor Ritual Exorcist Knife​ in Fountain Pen sheath by Luang Phu Hongs Prohmabanyo, for Magical Protection against Black magic, Ghosts and Demons, and Empowering Items and Endowing Blessings on Others. A Ploi Sek Gemstone is Embedded into the pen-clip. Released in the Jong Samrej 2555 BE Edition.

Blessed in Buddha Abhiseka by Luang Phu Hongs Prohmabanyo of Wat Petchburi (Sussan Tung Mon). Luang Phu is now Deceased Master Monk, whose amulets are now disappearing as his devotees collect and keep them at a constantly increasing rate. Some editions were made in large numbers for which reason those editions are still expected to be available for some time, but his rarer and more special limited editions and special releases are now already extremely difficult to come by.

The Mitmor blade is made from a powerful Alchemical Lek Nam Pi metal, with Magic Spell Inscriptions in Khom embedded into the blade, which is in the zig-zag form, as is traditional with 'Grich' (Keris) type ritual daggers and knives.

Mitmor Luang Phu Hongs

The Mitmor is worn in the Pocket as a Portable Protection, as well as being used by Ritual Occultists and Ajarns for Ceremonial Blessings and Exorcism of Ghosts, Demons and Negative Energies. Can be easily used by Western Occultists as a Ritual Dagger for Earth magic as well as the Opening of the Quarters of the Magic Circle too.

Luang Phu Hongs is a Master Gaeji Ajarn with masses of Devotees from around the World, and enjoys a welcome reception from local Devotees on both the Thai and Khmer sides of the border, where Cambodian believers laid down in the street to form a human road for him to walk on. He tried to back out of it but the devotees insisted.

Luang Phu Hongs

This was because of a miracle which occurred with their village being bombed as LP Hongs was meditating close by in the forest, and the bombs did not go off. LP Hongs has learned many Wicha over the decades on his Tudong travels through Thailand, Laos, Cambodia. News of his Merits and the powerful effects of his amulets has travelled to other Nations. Luang Phu Hongs has a very large following of Singaporean, Taiwan and Hong Kong devotees, as well as many Westerners.

Amulets by Luang Phu Hongs are also known for their quality of craftsmanship and beauty, which is a deserved reputation, for i find his amulets to be indeed very beautiful (a presonal favourite of mine are his Pra Somdej amulets, which are made using a very ancient method indeed, and look as if they have been made in the ancient manner).

The Grich can be used to carry to ward off evil. atract Metta, Wealth and escape dangers. But the Grich is also a type of 'Meed Mor' Exorcist Knife, and Ritual dagger. it can be used by Adepts and those with the Knowledge and Wicha, to make Holy water for blessings, interpret Horoscipse, give blessings (eg, gold leaf forehead blessing/Na Hnaa Tong), and to Heal, protect, Remove Black Magic curses and Banish demons and Ghosts.

Below; Poster of the Jong Samrej 2555 BE Edition - 'Jong Samrej' means 'Have to be Successful'

This edition saw some Excellent Pra Kring Paetch Surin Prong Fa Buddha statuettes, The Yaam Daeng Red Velvet Monks bag for Riches, some 'Grich' (spirit knife), Loi Ongk Roop Lor (small statuettes of LP Hongs), See Pheung Sariga (Metta Balm/Lip Gloss), Nam Man Sariga Metta (with hand carved Ivory Sairga Birds), Pra Upakut, Pra Khun Phaen Tung Mon, some metal coin amulets, Brahma Wands, Sacred bangles, and a beautiful Bucha statues in Sacred Bronze (samrit Rom dam) of Luang Phu Hongs in standing posture, and of Pra Pikanes also in standing posture (Lord Ganesha).

Puttapisek Blessing was performed on the 2nd May 2555 BE

The funds raised from this edition will go to the construction of the Prasat Paetch Pipitapant Mausoleum.

The Metal based and powder based amulets of this edition had a very rich and sacred mixture of 'Chanuan Muan Sarn' (Sacred Metal artifacts) as a metallic alchemical base.


Muan Sarn used for the Sacred powder amulets in this edition; Rang Sariga (Sariga Bird Nest), Thao wan Hlong (rare magic vine from the deepest jungle), Pong Ruam (various sacred powders), all editions of Pra Khun Phaen from LP Honogs previous editions powdered up, olf Pra Kring and Metal amulets from various editions of LP Hongs, Yantra Foils, 'Khaw Gon badtr' (dried rice from bottom of Monk's alms bowl), Wan Gesorn (108 type of pollens and herbal powders), and powder amulets from every single edition Luang Phu ever made.

This is a Meed Mor (Grich) of extremely high quality build and sacred ingredients. Its credibility and certainty of lasting future as a preferred and recognized masterpiece is undoubtable. Its power and Spiritual value is not possible to calculate. it would be disrespectful; to do so. A very auspicious and powerful amulet and tool for protection and prospersous blessings. Protect from all forms of Black Magic, making prayer water, and blessiing Devotees are all taks of which this item is fully capable of and worthy of use by even the most advanced Adept. In fact, there are most probably various great Masters who use one of these already.

Read about all amulets in this edition - click here; 'Run Jong Samrej - Luang Phu Hongs 2555 BE'

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