Nam Man Gao Sanaeh Som Rak Serm Metta 9 Seductive Enchantments Mercy Charm Prai Oil Ajarn Baeng Daen Sadtor

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'Khuad Kroo' Large Size bottle of Nam Man Prai Gao Sanaeh Som Rak Serm Metta Prai Oil with Sacred Woods and Flowers immersed, for Bucha or Consecration purposes, or merely carrying on one's person, for increased power of attraction in multiple sectors (e.g. professional sales, love and promiscuity, gaining favor in disputes, forgiveness from enemies, and attracting admirers, fans, entourage, and helpful wilful assistance from those around you. Empowered by Elusive Lay Sorceror and Necromancer, Ajarn Baeng Daen Sadtor.

Free Registered Air Parcel Shipping Worldwide is IncludedFree Registered Air Parcel Shipping Worldwide is Included. The Nam Man Prai has the power of Power of Attraction, Love Charm, Seduction of Customers, Mercy Charm, Receive Assistance from Strangers, and Preferential Treatment in Disputes, Increase Entourage, Turn Enemies into Friends, and to Gain Allies.

The Nam Man Prai Gao Sanaeh, has nine kinds of Seduction spells imbued, with the immersion of Sacred enchanted woods, including (among other secret ingredients undisclosed by Ajarn Baeng); Mai Ga Hlong, Dork Ga Hlong, Wan Sanaeh Jantr Khaw, Dtom Sau Hyud Sau Hlong, Mai Jampa Sacred Woods and Flowers.

The Prai Oil contains many secret ingredients of a highly necromantic nature, which remain undisclosed to the public for various reasons, and remain secret of Ajarn Baeng, which are centuries-long renowned for their power to entice, seduce and enchant others.


Ajarn Baeng

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