Nam Man Maha Wan Solos Mongkol large 1 oz. Sacred herb filled Magical Miracle Oil - Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree

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Large One Ounce Sacred Herb filled Nam Man Solos Mongkol - Famous and powerful magical oil potion, of the great lay Master Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree.The oil was made in two different versions, with or without Sacred Magical Herbs. This is the lkarge version which differs in the fact that it contains a large number of blessed and empowered Sacred herbs, whereas the smaller bottles contain only the pure oil, extracted without the herb from the cauldron.

It is a matter of personal taste or opinion which is better some people prefer to get more oil and find it more economical, whereas some other people may find it better to have the oil with the magical herbs still soaking inside, for their magic powers, and reusability factor.

It is said though that the small bottle with no herb is extremely long lasting and more economical to the purse or wallet, but that the herb filled large one ounce bottle is refillable with jasmine oil and can be used for the rest of your life, and is therefore in the long run, perhaps more economical if you plan to use the oil continually, and have access to Jasmine Oil, or other sacred oils and even Metta Oils from other Masters can be used, to refill it with later once it is dried up.

This oil can be used to put on the crown of the head, on to other objects, or to smear on oneself before leaving the house for safety and for good prosperity.

Nam Man Solos Mongkol Metta Oil Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree

The oil has a very natural perfumed odor which can easily be used as a perfume if used in small quantity, and is highly recommended for both ladies and men. The oil can also be used to place on a small 'Pan Kroo' or other form of receptacle as a form of tiny altar, and simply pray to it as a Bucha item.

It should in fact be kept this way even if taken with you or used each day, for the most efective and auspicious circumstances. Creating the right atmosphere and seriosity in your Bucha practice, is part of that which brings the Auspicious Blessings back to you, and thus, the more attention you give to the act of Bucha, the more rewards you will reap from your efforts. It doesn't have to be the official receptacle, you can choose something you find to be auspicious and fitting to place the bottle on. Always remember, it is what is in your heart, that matters when you do something, more than what you do it with.

Thailand Amulets

It can be used of course also for smearing on your sacred items Amulets and Bucha Statues to pay reverence and empower them. It is Metta mahaniyom, Kong Grapan, Maha Lap, Maha Mongkol, for Great Prosperous Blessings, and Powerful Protection. The oil was made using 16 different kinds of sacred herbs;

All four kinds of Wan Sanaeh Jantr mixed into one (counts as 1 ingredient), Paya Wan Saw Hlong, Wan Kruea Sau Hlong, Wan Ha Roi Nang, Wan Joong Nang, Wan Chang Pasom Khloeng, Wan Taep Ramjuan, Wan Maha Sanaeh, Wan Grajae Jantr, Wan Maha Lap, Wan Maha Choke, Wan Putta Kwak, Wan Kumarn Tong, Wan Sondej Nang Paya Maha Sethee, Wan Maha Udom, Wan Kwak Prajantr.

These sacred herbs were gathered and kept by a long line of Masters of the Lineage Tradition until all the necessary elements were complete, to make the Nam Man Maha Wan Solos Mongkol. They herbs were covered with Inscriptions of 'Laekh Yant' (Magical Numerical Formulas and Sanskrit Incantations), and empowered with the ritual spells for the invocation of the various Devas and elementals who reside within the Herbs and Woods to arise and be present within amulets.

Ajarn Chum Master Mage

testing the power of Kong Grapan bullet and knife proof magic

This oil was used for blessings, and also distributed to the devotees, in the famous 2511 BE ceremony, In which hundreds of great Masters, and Yogi/Lersi Hermits from India, and around Southeast Asia, and yet more hundreds of ordained Buddhist Masters.

This Blessing Ceremony was a historic occasion of National Religious importance, which was documented with great stuff and has been remembered as one of the greatest ceremonies of all time in the History of Thai Buddhism.

How to use Nam Man Solos Mongkol according to the Dtamnak Dtak Sila Khao Or;

Take the bottle and dab a tiny bit of oil onto your finger, and close your eyes, breathe in slowly and easily clearing your mind as you do so and say silently 'Put' (or 'Bud').

Then focus and try to be alert with all of your might (stay relaxed and peaceful), as you breathe out, and say 'To' (or 'Dho'), and blow onto your finger with the oil.

'Put-To' or 'Bud-Dho' - This is the heart Mantra of Lord Buddha, and of Awakening/Enlightenment, and should be thought of also as saying to yourself 'Wake' - 'Up., or the state of being alert, awake, aware, and in control of ones thoughts, feelings and intentions. Such is the only way to keep the five precepts of the Sila, which are required for the higher Buddhist Practice.

Khun Phantaraks Rachadej famous maker of Jatukam Ramataep amulet joins in the empowerment of the 2511 BE Taep NImit Ceremony.

Above; Khun Phantaraks Rachadej famous maker of Jatukam Ramataep amulet joins in the empowerment of the 2511 BE Taep Nimit Ceremony.

Take your finger, and smear the oil onto your hair or your forehead (eyebrows). If you are trading or doing any kind of commerce, then chant the Kata 'Na Chaa Lee Dti' as you smear it, repeatedly chanting it throughout the day as you work

Thailand Amulets

Many Thai Buddhist Ajarns and Practitioners use this oil to smear onto storefronts and hawker stalls, to bless them and attract good commerce. It is used to smear on the foreheads of newlyweds at the wedding, and to smear on the keystone or middle pillar laying of a house or temple. Amulets are avidly smeared with the oild to Bucha and Empower them with the Power of their own Faith and Prayer, and the Powers of the Magic within the Oil.

Nam Man Solos Mongkol being smeared during the ceremony

Above; Nam Man Solos Mongkol being smeared during the 2511 BE Taep Nimit ceremony

Released in the most famous Miracle Blessing Ceremony, which was perfomred with the presence of hundreds of Lersi Hermit Masters from India Thailand and around South East Asia, whom Ajarn Chum had invited to assist in the empowerment. Hundreds of Gaeji Ajarn Guru Monks were present to perform their Chants, and Meditative Blessings.

The famous maker of Jatukam, Khun Pantaraks Rachadej was also involved in this ceremony. Tests using guns and sharp knives were performed, to test the magic on the throngs of Devotees present. Ajarn Chum is in our opinion, the greatest and most powerful lay master of all living history of Thai Saiyasart.

If you use this oil to bless a house or a shop, use the above pre-described method of the Kata Put-To to raise the channel of energy, and then use the following Kata to complete the act and transfer the energy from your heart and mind through the breath into that which you are focusing on (blessing);

Na Niyom, Mo Niyom, Put Niyom, Taa Niyom, Ya Niyom Om Niyom, Mahaa Niyom, Idthee Bpuriso Aakajchaaya, Aaakajchaahi, Maa Ni Maa Maa Maa Niyom, Na Mo Put Taa Ya.

Thailand Amulets

Above; Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree performs a blessing on a Devotee.

Smear the oil on five different places, above the entrance for example, and the cash till, the safe etc. You can also use five spots above the entrance as one single blessing for the whole place.

Nam Man Maha Wan from Ajarn Chum

If relatives or lovers husband and wife are not getting on very well, or finding it difficult to understand each other, this oil is also very popular to use as a method of improving the situation. Chant the Kata 'Bpaa Su U Chaa' many many times and channel it into the oil with your mind holding the bottle in your palms, and also when you dab and smear it. Then smear the oil on both parties, or all parties involved in the difficulty, and pray hard for them to be once more in affinity with one another, or if you are doing it to each other, make the prayer together.

Ajarn Chum Chai Kiree - Thailand Amulets

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