Nam Man Paya Gai Gaew Metta Maha Saneh Riak Sap

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Nam Man Paya Gai Gaew Metta Maha Saneh Riak Sap - Sacred Charm Oil for riches, influence and attraction.

Made by Luang Por Daeng of Wat Huay Chalong, Uttaradit. LP daeng is famous for his Por Phu Ruesi Narai 4 Gorn amulet, and has a number of ancient Wicha, such as this Charm Oil, which are based in the inclusion of Paya Gai gaew crystals and sacred Magical Wicha of the Gai Gaew.

Paya Gai Gaew - the Imperial crystal Cockerel - Deity of Metta mahaniyom, love charms and attracting wealth and fortunes. Nam Man Paya Gai Gaew is a mixture of sacred magical ingredients made according to thousand year old traditional methods and empowered with proper ceremony and Puttapisek blessings, by Luang Por Daeng Duang Sethee of Wat Huay Chalong, Uttaradit.

Smear the oil on your forehead (just a little, the quantity is not as important as the activation)
Think of the person you wish to charm or enchant (be it love or business), and hold what you want the results of the encounter to be in your mind as strongly as possible whilst you rub the potion onto your forehead


The oil has sacred herbs and woods in it, as well as a coin amulet immersed in it too.

Kata for Paya Gai Gaew Riak Sap;
  • Waetaa Saagu Gug Gug Gusaa Taa Wae Taayasaa Ka Ka Saayataa Maani Maa Maa (chant Nine Times)

If you smear the potion on daily for a period of seven years, the magical metta mahaniyom maha sanaeh power will become affixed to your body for the rest of your life. This Metta Oil of Gai Gaew is of the 'Sarapat Nerk' class of amulet (wish fulfilling amulet), and can be adapted for various purposes by using your thoughts and intentions as you focus on your forehead and smear the potion onto your skin and chant the Kata.

Luang Por daeng got the Wicha from a teacher he had many years ago called 'Samrej Lun' who was a Magician in Jampa Sak over the border on the Laos side. Wicha Gai Gaew is mentioned in the times of Somdej Pra Sangkarach (Suk Gai Tuean).

The oil potion has been boiled using Paya gai gaew sacred powder made from the chalk from blackboards used to draw Yant with, and 108 sacred magical herbs from the North of Thailand, tagrud hua jai Gai Gaew, and a 'Rian' (coin) amulet - first edition Paya Gai Gaew coin

When Luang Por first made this oil, some villagers took some without permission and used it, and the village began to have problems. Those who had used the oils were found to have many secret lovers.

Luang Phu then told one of his Looksit, a police man, to take the pot of oil and throw it away, for it had become so noticeable that the police had even come to investigate the cause because they noticed that all the adultery cases they were investigating seemed to show that the people involved had been using Nam Man Paya Gai Gaew.

The policeman didn't throw it away though, for he felt it to be a shame. After some time, Luang Por asked the policeman "Why haven't you thrown the oil away yet?'

The policeman was ashamed but asked Luang Por if they couldn't keep it and give it to people who came to make offerings?

Luang Por agreed, but took the oil off to the mountainside near the temple, and reboiled it and made some extra Kata chanting to invike and incline the oile qualities to be more aimed at Maha Lap, good business and professional opportunities, and popular charm. The love potion is still strong, but it would have been impossible to release it in its previous state, as it would have caused many family problems.

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