Nam Man Prai Luead Saneh Paya Gai Daeng Necromantic Potion for Power of Attraction Large Bottle Ajarn Pirapol Ramasun

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A very limited edition of Sacred Necromantic OIl of the Maha Sanaeh variety, from Lay Necromancer Ajarn Pirapol Ramasun. The Nam Man Prai contains the extremely rare and powerful Prai Luead Sanaeh Bloodcharm Oil within the Potion, and is further empowered with the immensely favored Paya Wan Gai Daeng Red Cockerel Herb, and was given a full year of empowerment every night, invoking protective and enchantment type Devas to inhabit the oil with their powers, and performing Incantations of Maha Sanaeh power of attraction magic of the highest grimooires of the Dtamra Saiyasart Khmer Grimoires of Necromantic Empowerment and Spellcasting.

He applied the Kata Metta Yai for genreal Preferential Treatment from others, the Kata Jao Nai Metta for enchanting your employer or superiors, Kata Khun Phaen for good Business and multiple lovers, Kata Aen Doo to invoke compassion and make people feel sorry for you, Kata Kon Niyom incantation for receiving Great Preference above others, Kata Kaa Khaay Dee for high sales quotas, Kata Sariga Lin Tong Golden Tongued Celestial Magpie spell for convincing sweet tongued speech. These incantations were performed, along with the Kata Jerajaa for deal sealing in Business, and Trade Marketplaces. Ajarn Pirapol also added the Kata Mad Jai Mad Kon for hypnotic control over others, and to use for enchantment for romantic purposes,, the Kata Montr Rak Love Spell, and the Kata Jai Orn heart softener spell to appease enemies and those angry with you.

Use the oil to dab a tiny droplet on your finger and smear clockwise around the outer rim of your lips, to evoke the spell when speaking to others, smiling or gazing. You can add one drop to a bottle of perfume to spray on your skin as an attraction agent too. In addition, you can add some droplets to a bath and immerse yourself in the water and bathe in it, and chant Kata for Maha Sanaeh to imbue yourself with power of attraction.

Please Note; This Oil is very powerful Prai Oil with highly concentrated Muan Sarn ingredients, made according to the ancient Khmer Grimoires of Necromantic Sorcery, and is of the Wicha Chan Sung Adept Level, and carries no bad Karma or side effects, regardless of how long or short your Bucha method is, or if you just carry it with you, or smear it, there will be no adverse effects.

But in the case of the potion being used to bind the heart of a lover and make them fall hopelessly in love with you, the rule is, that you must then take care of and not leave that person, and treat them as they deserve in return for the blessing of having received a partner who truly loves you, with the help of the Prai Devas whose blessings and powers lie within the Nam Man Prai. When shaken, the Prai Luead and Wan Paya Gai Daeng mixes with the yellow Dork Tong and Phii Prai Oil

Kata Bucha


Kata for Giving Offerings to Prai Devas and Necromantic Ghosts - Chanting Tutorial by Ajarn Spencer Littlewood

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