Nam Man Prai Wan Gai Daeng Kruea Thao Hlong Red Rooster Charm Oil with Enchanted Vine Potion Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai

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Sacred Nam Man Prai Paya Wan Gai Daeng Red Rooster Prai Oil with the Immensely rare and Powerful Kruea Thao Hlong Sacred Vine of Enchantment, from a long time accepted Master of Prai Necromancy and Powerful Talsimanic Charms, Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai, of the Asrom Chee Ba Khaw (Wat Ban Sri Sukh).

Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai tested the power of the Nam Man Prai Gai Daeng by smearing some of it on the head of a Red Rooster, and letting it run through the farmers village. It appeared that wherever the rooster went, a host of hens followed him in unison, until he had a complete entourage of hens in his Harem.

Nam Man Prai Gai Daeng

Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai received the extremely rare Paya Wan Gai Daeng Red Rooster herb from Thailand and Burma from some of his Tai yai Hilltribe Devotees who were forest hunters froom Chiang Dtung. he used the herb flowers and pollens and roots to extract the concentrated Red Rooster herb oil, and mix it with powerful strands of Kruea Thao Hlong Sacred Forest Vine to imbue extra powerful Maha Sanaeh Maha Jang-Ngang.

Below; Sacred Paya Wan Gai Daeng Roots Bulbs and Flowers

Sacred Paya Wan Gai Daeng Roots Bulbs and Flowers

Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai, was a Looksit of Pra Ajarn Wongs, and Creator of the Famous 'Nam Man Hnang Hniaw Gao Sao Gao Angkarn Prai Oil. He is an Adept Master of Khmer Sorcery, his Kumarn Tong, Look Krok, and Maha Sanaeh Takrut Charms are highly sought after for their Raw Power.

Nam Man Prai Ajarn Dtee Yai

His 20 Years of Forest Wandering to seek out the various Wicha and Hermit Mages to learn a vast array of different forms of Sorcery including Lao, Thai Yai, Thai Noi, Khom and Lanna Magical Scripture. Amongst the Many Masters who taught him, apart from Khmer and Lao Lay masters, he also learned from Great Bhikkhus such as Luang Phu Hongs, Luang Por Choke Chay, and Luang Phu Tong Ma.

Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai

This edition also included some hand molded sacred Prai Powders Palad Khik Amulets on bound cord belts, which received a very special empowerment session and are molced from an admixture of herbal powders, pollens, prai oils, and from Sacred treewood, pictured below. The Palad Khik are flanked by two Takrut scroll spells, one Takrut Kaa Khaay Riak Sap Wealth Attractor spell (left side of Palad Khik), and a Takrut Raeng Sanaeh Seduction spell (right side of Palad Khik). The Palad were immersed in Sacred Oils, and after drying were hand inscribed with white painted Khom Agkhara spells.

He has mastered all of these different Dtamra and sets of Ancient Magical Characters for Spellcasting, and his 20 Years of Solitary Tudong Wandering has strengthened his Psychic Powers to the point of Adept Mastery. Below image shows Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai performing blessings on devotees during a visit to bless shops at Sapan Kwai in Bangkok, to bring them lucky fortunes and success.

Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai's Sacred Red Cockerel Oil, is imbued to the brim with Powerful Necromantic Invocations of Khmer Sorcery for which Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai has become Legendary. Empowered for Rapid results, the oil is not complex to use, requiring only that you perform Incantations of the Kata when using it for specific purposes.

Kata Pluk Nam Man Gai Daeng


Chant 3 Times before using the oil to smear or tap your wares or the shopfront, or cashtill. For seduction, smear or flick at your chosen target. Traditionally also known to be used to put into food and drink to enchant a person, as a love charm (unknown if hygienic or not). Whoever is smeared by the oil, drinks or eats some in food will be smitten by the dark arts sprcery of the Kata within the Oil, and become Enchanted.

Pra Ajarn Dtee Yai Asrom Chee Ba Khaw

Use to attract customers, induce merciful and favourable treatment, increase liekeability, attract customers, friends and admirers, and lovers. For more detailed information about the many applied uses of Nam Man Prai and Metta Oils, please read our page on How to Use Metta, Maha Sanaeh and Prai Oils

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