Nam Man Sanaeh Prai Mae Look Orn with Pong Prai Ha Sip Gao Dton 59 Khmer Rouge Wartime Hoeng Prai Ghost Powders - Ajarn Phu Boo

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Nam Man Maha Sanaeh Mae Look Orn Say Prai Samay Khmer Rouge - Large bottle of Necromantic Oil Potion concoction with Nam Man Prai Mae Look Orn, and Pong Prai Maha Phuudt 59 Dton, from Isan Lay Necromancer of the Khmer Dark Arts, Ajarn Phu Boo

The Nam Man Maha Sanaeh Nam Man Prai Mae Look Orn is a Necromantic Prai Oil Potion with fifty nine Hoeng Prai Ghost Powders of Bhūta Phantom corpses, made using Nam Man Sanaeh seductive oily potion mixed with Nam Man Prai mae Look Orn Necromantic serum extracted from a Kumarn Tong and Mother from the Khmer Civil Wartime, and imbued with a deathly Muan Sarn admixture derived from 59 Khmer Hian ghosts who died prematurely as Hoeng Prai Maha Phuudt, during the Khmer Rouge Wartime Era.

This Nam Man Prai oil was empowered through boiling in a magically inscribed cauldron, using the invocations of the Dtamra Saiyasart Khmer, performed in the dead of night in a haunted cemetery in the vicinity of the Thai Khmer border. The devotees of Ajarn Phu Boo donated a batch of Huea Chuea Nam Man Prai from a Hoeng Prai lady ghost who died prematurely from unnatural circumstances whilst bearing embryonic child (Kumarn Tong), which Ajarn Phu then mixed with his most powerful concentrated Nam Man wan Dork Tong Golden Forest Flower oils.

Ajarn Phu then added savred Bone Powders and ashes from 59 corpses who died prematurely during the Cambodian Civil Wartime of the Khmer Rouge, and summoned and invoked the spirits of the 59 Hoeng Prai Maha Phuudt to dwell within the potion, and a large number of oil serums which had been collected over the years from a number of Hoeng Prai Phii Tang Glom (Mother with Kumarn). The final admixture was then further empowered after the boiling ceremony by Ajarn Phu Boo every night for a period of one whole year.

The Nam Man Prai Sanaeh Mae Look Orn is empowered with Prai Grasip ghost whisperer Invocations to bind the 59 Bhūtā Ghosts and the various Phii Dtaay Tang Glom Mother-Kumarn spirits to emit Maha Sanaeh and 'Riak Jidt Sakot Jai Magic, to lend the power to call lovers (and customers and entourage), and to bring favourable chances in the Gambling Dens, through the power of Metta Maha Niyom which the Ghosts use to appease and convince the ruling spirits of the Gambling Dens and Places of Iniquity.

Nam Man Prai Khmer

The love of a mother for her own child is immensely powerful Mercy Charm, with the additional factor of powerful Psychic Powers coming from the mind of the mother and Kumarn, who are angry for their loss of life prematurely, and whose psychic energy is incredibly powerful. Their need to attain release is focused on helping the devotee of the Nam Man Prai to gain happiness and wealth through the merits and efforts of the Ghosts spirits who are trapped in Limbo due to their premature deaths, who have an agreement with Ajahn Pu Boo to fulfil the needs of Humans by attracting love and good fortune, to ease the sufferings and bring ever increasing success to the devotee.

If you wish to use this Nam Man Prai to call and subdue a lover, then you should smear a drop of the Nam Man Prai onto the pillow at bedtime. Before sleeping on the pillow, you should chant the Incantation to 'Pluk' (awaken and summon) the Bhūta spirits to assist in directing the focus of the intended 'victim' of the spell, to focus on you, and be unable to get you out of their minds. Otherwise the oil can be used to smear on oneself for Metta Maha Niyom and Maha Sanaeh mercy Charm and Power of Attraction, for Business success, gaining entourage, or even to get merciful treatment from employers, and even to attain favourable results in court cases or other unfavourable situations.

Ajarn Phu Boo is an agéd Lay Sorceror specialised in the Khmer Necromantic Dark Arts, as well as the Isan Sorcery Methods of North eastern Thailand, of Maha Sanaeh and Maha Lap Maha Pokasap variety His Wicha Nam Man Prai is highly renowned for its power to attract and seduce, and to increase success in speculative risk and gambling exploits. His animist charms are renowned for their powerful magick and effectiveness.

Ajarn Phu Boo

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