Nam Man Sanaeh Taep Ramjuan - Dancing Deva Enchantment Potion & Mercy Charm Oil (Large Phial) - Ajarn Sanao

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Master Mage Ajarn Sano, Created this highly concentrated Maha Sanaeh Oil from a very rich mixture of Paya Wan Dork Tong, Wan Saw Hlong, Wan Gai Daeng, Wan Joong Nang, Wan Sanaeh Jantr Daeng, Wan Sanaeh jantr Khiaw, Paya Kruea Thao Hlong (Sacred Jungle Creeper Vine), and 108 other Sacred herbal ingredients.

An Extremely High proportion of herbal raw materials, which can be seen by the immersion of Muan Sarn substance floating within the glass phial.The Nam Man Taep Rampeung was empowered with the Invocations of the Taep Rampeung Dancing Deva.

Nam Man Taep Ramjuan

The Dancing Deva (Taep Ramjuan), is a Heavenly Angel, whose Maha Sanaeh Influence is Famously Reputed and Revered, for the ability to Induce Fascination and Enchantment of such a powerful manner, as to cause a person to fall in Love at first sight, or to fall into entrancement and begin to cajole and flirt immediately on first approach.

Nam Man Taep ramjuan Ajarn sanao

The potion was given three days and months of continual empowerment (Traimas Empowerment), before it was finally allowed to be released for Bucha. Use the potion to dab on your fingers a Maha Sanaeh and Metta Mahaniyom Mercy Charm, to induce preference in the heartys of those who you approach.

Only a very few bottles of this very pure and highly concentrated Maha Sanaeh Oil were made, and its extremely rich formula required a very high cost to create, using some of the finest oils and herbal ingredients, using just the tips of the leaves, the roots and flowers to make a very clear colored and pure Maha Sanaeh Metta Oil that can be considered the 'Chanel no 5' of Maha Sanaeh Dork Tong Oils.

The amount of Wan Dork Tong Oil used was many times more concentrated than most other Dork Tong Oil based Potions found coming from other Samnak, for which reason, this potion is by no means the most affordable. However, one need only use a tiny amount on the tip of the finger, for maximum Maha Sanaeh attraction power. The same is true for cheap or expensive perfumes, and this is also the case with metta Oils of this high standard.

The oil was released in small bottles and these larger size bottles, and also a handful of XXL size bottles.

Use for applying for employment in interviews, attracting customers to your place of business or market stall, Flirtatious Activity. Those who are in the Nocturnal Profession (Ladies of the Night), Massage Parlor, or Escort Services are particularly recommended to use this Potion.

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