Nam Man Tida Taep - 13 Lustful Nymphs Aphrodisiac Oil - 'Hoo Mee Kam Thaam' (cocking a leg) - Ajarn Khwan Chai Intra Paet

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One of 13 Prai Nymph Deva Special Aphrodisiac Kama Sutra Oil Potions from Master Sorceror Ajarn Khwan Chai. Made using Magical Woods and Invoked with Resident Prai Deva for Immense Sexual Instinct Arousal, Personal Charm Increase and Physical Attraction Power. Secondary use; Gambling.

The Oil uses a large array of Magical Woods and Herbal Roots which have been empowered using Incantations, whilst boiled in the Prai Oils in a Consecrated Cauldron.

This particular series is the 'baeb Hoo mee Kam Thaam' (ear has a question - pricked up ears) label, with a Prai Nymph Deva cocking one Leg up to reveal her Vulva, in a Sexual Taunt.

Ajarn Khwan Chai saw 13 different Nymph Devas in a Nimitta Vision, and thus made 13 different types of Oils and Yantra Cloths in their images, and Invoked each Nymph into each Image accordingly.

108 Very Rare and Powerful Magical Woods and Herbs taken from deep in the forests were used to make this Kama Sutra Charm Oil, which is directly aimed at Erotic and Social Seduction Purposes. The Oil is Unisex can be used by Males Females and Gay.

How to use Metta, Maha Sanaeh, and Prai Oils

Ajarn Khwan Chai is a Reclusive Laymaster, who received his Wicha from the Great Ajarn Hnun Arj Noi. Ajarn Chiang and Ajarn Phu Sorn (amongst many others). He received Khmer Wicha from Luang Phu Swoi, a Kampuchean Guru Master Monk, who is an Adept of the Wicha Montr Jao Ngo Pha Riak Nuea Pla Lae Kon, and the Montr Khun Phaen Chom Talad.

His Mastery of many Wicha under the Tutelage of a host of over ten Great Masters has alowed him to become a Multi Talented Sorceror with strong leanings towards the Dark Arts. His reputation for making of Maha Sanaeh and Kama Sutra Oils is becoming Legendary as Successful Results are being constantly reported. He has gained Fame for his one-off hand inscribed Yantra Cloths of Erotic Prai Devas has caused his Sacred Yantra Cloth Art, to become not only of interest to the Devotee of his Maha Sanaeh Magic, but also to Collectors of this Genre, who see the originality of each work as a fine addition to their Galleries and Showcases of yantra Cloth Collection. In fact,'s owner Ajarn Spencer, is one of these collectors, and is gathering a large collection for his personal Museum at the Sak Yant Foundation.

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