Nang Panturadt Adtithaan Khor Lap Riak Sap Loi Ongk (Mini Statuette Amulet Yaksa Lady Praying for Lucky Fortunes) - Jinda Mani Sap Mantra Empowerment - Luang Por Somburn Chudtintaro

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Nang Panturat Adtithaat Lap Miniature Statuette (Loi Ongk) made from Sacred Bronze and Copper Alloy Metals smelted from Ancient Artifacts. Luang Phu Somburn is one of the few Living Masters who is an Adept of the Wicha Pra Tam Gao Gote, an Ancient Wicha which has been passed down through the Centuries from a Few Masters to a Few Apprentices.

The Wicha has remained in its Purity by not being shared around to the point of suffering the 'Chinese Whispers' effect which causes the true method to become distorted. Luang Por Somburn is one of the recipients of the Wicha, and was Adept enough in his Mastery to have conquered the necessary faculties to enable him to use the Wicha for empowerment of this Deva, who is so powerful due to her Yaksa (Asura) Nature. Nang Panturadt Adtihaan Laap is a Deva in the Posture of Praying for Luck and Fortunes.

Nang Panturadt Adtithaan Khor Lap Riak Sap is a Rare Yantra and Wicha of Invocation of the Panturadt  Deva as well as a Yantra (Sacred Geometry) using the Maha Lap and Maha Pokasap type of magic, bringing great increase in Luck and Speculative Risk activities (Gambling). For Business and Sales, her Blessings are both Fitting and Multiple. Her amazing Psychic Power and Meditative Focus brings powerful Attraction Force inducing Luck and Biased Preference from Customers, Employers, Lawmakers and Givers, and even Enemies. Hate and Anger becomes Love and Friendliness,. Useful for Jerajaa purposes (Oratory needs, such as or convincing Executives to take your Offer, Defending Oneself in a Court Case, or for selling on the boilerhouse floor)

A closer inspection of the surface of the 'Chanuan Muan Sarn' used to Cast the Statuette, shows (to the eye of the expert) a high content of Ancient Sacred Metals, and a Traditional; Casting method which will result in the amulet aging with Grace, Class, and Common Preference in the eyes of the Conoisseur.

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