Nang Prai Dtaanee Banana Tree Ghost Lady - Ongk Kroo Version 4 Takrut + Bone - Kroo Rasi Akaradech

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Nang Prai Dtaanee (Banana Tree Ghost) - Ongk Kroo Version - Kru Rasi Akaradech Kru Sanaeh Madt Jidt.

Nang Prai Dtaanee is a special model edition of 'Nang Mai' fairy-like spirit that is said to inhabit the wild banana tree groves of Thailand and Southeast Asia. Nang Dtaanee is usually represented as a very beautiful young woman clad in a traditional green Thai costume blending in with the surrounding trees.

She usually has a gentle disposition and has even known to give alms to monks on 'pindapat' alms rounds. This Nang Prai Dtaanee amulet is constructed of 'Pii Dtai Tang Glom' necromantic powders, powders of wild banana and a 'chin aathaan' bone relic has been inserted into the rear of the amulet.

Nang Prai Dtaanee

It was then further empowered with the addition of the infamous 'Nam Man Prai 59', and 'Pong Prai Guman' child spirit powders. This aids incredibly in amplifying the extremely powerful necromantic occult effects of the amulet through the material muan sarn base, in addition to the HIan Prai Psychic Powers of the Nang Dtaanee ghost.

Herbal powders of the 'Dork Tong' golden flower of seduction, that have been charged under 'Jantr Kao and Daeng' full moon and red moon lunar eclipse and earths from 7 cemetaries, markets and harbors. 4 takruts have also been inserted for 'Jao Choo' flirtation, 'Riak Sap Neua Dang' call to the heart, 'Sanaeh' affection and 'Glom Jidt' to sooth the thoughts of the heart.

Those who wish to venerate the Nang Prai Dtaanee can expect her to lend her hand in flirtation, great luck in gambling windfalls, 'Maha Sanaeh' attractability and 'Metta Mahaniyom' popularity.

The more one venerates, recites kata or pays attention to Nang Dtaanee in general, the more powerful the amulet will become (a very give and receive relationship).

Nang Prai

Kroo Ruesi Akkaradech has concecrated this amulet over the mind of Nang Prai Dtaanee, in order that she be kind-hearted and willfully giving as well as having the ability to warn you of forseeable dangers so that you may take action to avoid them.

Nang Dtaanee can be revered much in the same way any woman can, with presentations of flowers, perfumes, jewelry and foods such as sweet meats and fruits and reciting her kata.

Banana Lady ghost amulet


(Namo Tassa 3x)

Ēhi Dtā Dta Bpi Ya Ta Sō Na Mō Hō Mi Ōm Mae Nāng Prai Dtānī Mā Ni Mā Mā Sō Mā Re Sa Mahā Lāpō Na Mō Hō Mi I Dti I Dti Lāpō (7x)

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